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Doom 2: Doom 2 Hell On Earth (MAP01 - MAP30)

Player: Zero-Master 'Zero-Master'

Country: Norway (NO), Europe
Number of demos : 65
First demo: - 16.08.2014
Last demo: - 10.07.2017
Email: [protected address]


  • 18.11.2014 15:44
    ZeroMaster010: Thanks fx! In future attempts I will include map 24 jump and blue key skip on map 3, more tricks always make the demo more entertaining... hopefully I can get the yellow key grab on map 12 if I manage to get another exit some day. I put up a youtube video of the run, but it was playbacked in prboom+. If you could get a good quality video using the cndoom sourceport that would be very nice. My plutonia run was also uploaded to yt, but the video itself didn't seem to be of good quality (stuttering and such), and I can't be bothered myself to look into it too much. Also thanks for your work with competn and cndoom sourceport, I'm glad I don't have to deal with dosbox :)
  • 17.11.2014 08:23
    fx: Very impressive doing all the tricks in such run! Hope Looper will try to improve it. And doing map24 jump would make it insane. btw. I plan to release youtube video of every cndoom record in future to promote competition a bit. Thank you for doing this.