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The Ultimate Doom: Unto The Cruel

Player: M. 'Archy' Phoenix Dailey

Date of birth: 10.09.1996, years: 28
Country: United states (US), North America
Number of demos : 75
First demo: - 18.11.2009
Last demo: - 31.12.2015
Email: [protected address]


  • 16.03.2014 05:57
    Archy: Thank you! Shaving off one second was quite difficult. SAV88 inspired me to try out this map, you should see his UV -fast run on DSDA. It's incredible, and his fine skill is amassing -- one of the greatest post-Hegyi era players.
  • 15.01.2014 05:33
    brenton: Was surprised to see Radek's record (one of my favorite demos to watch) beaten. Great run!