DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP04 | pacifist combination

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP04 | pacifist combination

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Discovered by: Istvan Pataki
Demo: (28/02/1999) by Thomas "Panter" Pilger
Fastest demo by: by Adam Hegyi
Skills needed: some basic straferunning skills
Difficulty: easy, but no mistakes are allowed

Istvan Pataki came up with this idea when the original Pacifist collection was completed. Even though Istvan showed the route for the ending room, the level still was considered impossible in Pacifist due to the large number of chaingunners. Two years had to pass until Thomas "Panter" Pilger finally completed the MAP04 Pacifist challenge (discovering Istvan's combination separately). It's very likely that MAP04 Pacifist is possible with this great jump combination only.


Demo from video: