DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP06 | exit jump

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP06 | exit jump

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Discovered by: Kai-Uwe Humpert
Demo: (16/02/1996) by Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren
Fastest demo: (24/04/2000) by Henning Skogsto
Skills needed: "just another" precise strafejump
Difficulty: medium... it tends to be harder than the windows jump

Another of those great Kai-jumps... this one makes it possible to completely leave the chaotic MAP06 endroom and finish quite easily. The spectres in the slime can be some bother (only in NM really). Even though Kai discovered the jump, Daniel made its debut in COMPET-N, but his text clearly says that we should give credit to Kai for the jump.