DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP14 | arch-vile jump

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP14 | arch-vile jump

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Discovered by: Anders Johnsen
Demo: (28/02/1999) by Adam Hegyi
Faster demo: (14/01/2000) by Vincent Catalaa
Skills needed: some basic straferunning and major monster cooperation
Difficulty: hard, even if you succeed it's easy to die

A new kind of trick in COMPET-N (although it has been used much earlier outside DOOM2, e.g. Plutonia MAP18). A very spectacular jump, thanks to the infernal powers of the arch-vile. The flight is huge; and I can tell you doing this trick successfully is really like flying! Actually, there is another version of this trick, which was discovered by Ilya Britvich (who else? :) some weeks later than Anders. I managed to put together a demo with Ilya's route which, actually might be faster and easier. But still, a really hard jump to execute.


Demo from video: by Vincent Catalaa