DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP15 | switch from slime

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP15 | switch from slime

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Discovered by: Yonatan Donner
Demo: (13/06/1996)
Faster demo: (28/05/2000) by Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic
Skills needed: knowing the location and the direction
Difficulty: easy, but harder if you're in a hurry

Another one of those slime switches (see also MAP11, E2M2), discovered quite a while back. Used now in UV/NM scratch runs, UV long runs, NM runs... just about everywhere. It's quite tough without the radsuit (especially with 100/0 starting health), and well in NM scratch, it's one of the most annoying experiences DOOM can offer. Just try :)


Demo from video: by Vincent Catalaa