DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP16 | red bars glide

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP16 | red bars glide

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Discovered by: Jonathan Rimmer
Demo: (07/09/1999)
Faster demo: (10/09/1999) by Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic
Skills needed: only luck?? ask the people who master this trick
Difficulty: medium

...Another map cut short by an amazing trick. Mind you, this trick shouldn't be possible at all, the gap is 32 units and although the player is 32 units "wide", normally it can only enter corridors of 33 units in width... but somehow this place appears as different for DOOM. Quite weird, but LMPs in both UV and NM skills show that players have a great instinct of discovering and using engine bugs like this (and others).


Demo from video: by Adam Hegyi