DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP19 | blue key jump

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP19 | blue key jump

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Discovered by: Ilya Britvich
First demo: (24/07/1998) by Esko Koskimaa
Fastest demo: (18/07/2002) by Marijo Sedlić
Skills needed: extreme straferunning skills
Difficulty: Don't ask! The hardest jump ever which has been done

Unfortunately I don't have Ilya's original -nomonsters recording anymore, but we have Esko's and Adam's demo as the only COMPET-N demos featuring this jump. It's hard to say anything here... This jump is really extremely hard, so don't try it at home... Just kidding :) But even Esko himself (who is a master of this jump compared to all of us) said: "making the jump with monsters around is the hardest thing for sure I've ever done in this game..." And I'm sure we can believe him!