DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP20 | slime route

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP20 | slime route

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Discovered by: Istvan Pataki
Demo: (03/10/1996)
Faster demo: (25/05/1999) by Thomas "Panter" Pilger
Skills needed: some good wallrunning skill
Difficulty: easy

Istvan was the first who recorded a demo using that teleporter in a speed route. He got it with radiation suit though, it was Daniel Lindgren who first showed it with his 100% health slowly ticking away. Later the megasphere was also left (again it was Daniel) and one of the most frustrating speedruns was born. There is also a small jump right after teleporting, and despite all my research, I still don't know who discovered that one.


Demo from video: by Ian Sabourin (Sslasher)