DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP21 | bars glide

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP21 | bars glide

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Discovered by: Jonathan Rimmer
Demo: (26/02/2000)
Fastest demo: (21/11/2001) by Vincent Catalaa
Skills needed: even with great precision it needs great deal of luck
Difficulty: one of the hardest

This is one of the glides discovered in 2000, the main difference here is that there is no wall which the player could squeeze himself to, which makes the trick insanely hard to perform. As I practiced it quite a lot myself, I can tell that it comes better with lots of trying, it's possible to learn the perfect positioning eventually; but it's still a really frustrating trick. Especially if someone wants to stay on the ledge, which is yet to be done, but would almost certainly mean a speedrun under 0:20.