DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP23 | barrel row jump

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP23 | barrel row jump

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Discovered by: Ilya Britvich
Demo: (16/10/1997)
Fastest demo: (19/09/2000) by Adam Hegyi
Skills needed: barrelrunning skills :)
Difficulty: medium

If you haven't seen this one before, be sure to check the original demo out before reading on the detailed description... This trick is really shocking, and it had a really big impact on me in person. This jump here is really one of *the* jumps (If it's not *the jump* itself.) As it seems this trick is a little hard to understand, I'll have its specifics here (sorry guys who know everything :)
First thing is to have the barrels standing before trying :) Don't let the mancubus shoot them.
If you take a look at the barrels more closely, you'll notice that there is one row across which has the barrels very close to each other. Remember where it stands.
If you're up at the jumping position, just remember the position of the barrels, and imagine there's a wall there instead of barrels. If you practiced wallrunning enough, try to do it here. The barrels speed you up just as a wall does, but here, instead of going fast on the ground, you'll go fast midair... which actually means you're flying. The barrels act like a wall, it's that simple.
Oddly enough, the barrels are west-east in direction, not south-north as wallrunning requires. There is an explanation on this which is rather complicated, but if you're interested, send a mail and I'll try to explain.