Slow-mo spring(t) update

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Slow-mo spring(t) update

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As promised COMPET-N update is finally here. There are no too many demos in incoming, but some are quite exquisite as is complete Doom community ;)
Enough chatter, let's see what's cooking last few months:

One note to all players, please try to lowercase complete filenames, extension included. ty! :gracho:

Ultimate Doom
One fast E2M3 warm-up from Tatsuya "Tatsurd-cacocaco" Ito, and yes we are looking forward for more of such gems.

JC Dorne and Maëllig Desmottes recorded one new record on MAP04 speed for ten seconds in

Archy is back with fresh blood, MAP11 done in 2:29 improving his own record for five seconds. Fifth in the row, heh.

I guess that Archy was expecting Caseys response recording MAP07 but Aleksey "4shockblast" Kamenev was bit faster wiping Archey record only four hours later in So nice to see challenge like this one. Makes me wanna join in and strike back. 8D

Nothing interesting here, really, just one more Kunkun movie, like he didn't had enought of that ;P , sooo... amazing speedrun trough complete Plutonia! beating his own record as he promised while ago! Congrats to Kunkun for such achievement. Improvement for 3 minutes and 9 seconds is really something.

JC Dorne and Maëllig Desmottes recorded MAP06 speed beating down Kapustin duo for eight seconds in and one new record MAP14 nightmare in five seconds in

Memento Mori 2
Karim 'Kimo Xvirus' El-Sheikh improved his own MAP01 max record for two seconds in

All demos packed in one zip available here: