My AV demo does not seem to be appearing everywhere

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My AV demo does not seem to be appearing everywhere

Post by Huncd6814 »

I appear to be having some problems with demo visibility across the COMPET-N database after I uploaded my Alien Vendetta -respawn demo from MAP23 about two days ago.

When I click on ... e=ar23-902 I get an error message "Unable to load first demo for player2!" which is something that I have never experienced when I uploaded some demos back in 2017.

Also, the listing for MAP23 is only appearing under my profile ... yer_id=262 and does not appear in the general Alien Vendetta database on COMPET-N ( ... rt=&order=) in the respawn category.

The demo itself can be downloaded without issues.

Does anyone know what is wrong here?

UPDATE 18/04: This issue seems to be happening to all demos that have been uploaded in 2020, so the demo that was recorded before 2020 on the general COMPET-N database (where the map has a previous record submitted prior to 2020) is still showing up as the record instead of the current record that was submitted in 2020.
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Re: My AV demo does not seem to be appearing everywhere

Post by fx »

Hi, I'm aware of the problem, but need to update all uploaded records to database. It's related to new server and some DB/PHP incompatibility so some things were broken. Email notifications are for example still broken :/ Anyway, thank you for report, I'll look into it.

Edit: Fixed comment link ;)
Edit2: regarding respawn entry (AV MAP23), well I looked into it and have no clue why that entry is not listed. I need to refactor database queries anyway so this is on hold but will be fixed.