The end is near...

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The end is near...

Post by fx »

Next year I'll stop maintaining and that means Compet-N/CNDoom will also dissapear.
12 years passed since I started, and last few years there were no uploads by other players since I picked records from other sites and upload here. So long story short, I see no reason to keep this page alive anymore. On 9-th July 2022, this page will be gone for good.


ps. since some folks were worried about page content, I'll renew domain for one more year and migrate compet-n/cndoom so it will stay available for doomwiki and other uses.
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Re: The end is near...

Post by Archy »

Thank you for all the hard work!

So long, fx!
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Re: The end is near...

Post by Xeriphas1994 »

Thank you so much for all your hard work through the years. Especially, invisible tasks like setting up the database, fixing bugs, and helping Xymph with exports. Who would program an entire port fork to preserve one competition from MS-DOS? That's crazy... unless your name is fx. :>

I've learned so much about all games from watching Compet-N -- about route planning, about players collaborating and being friendly while competing at the same time, about how engines work. I hope I was able to return some of that learning into wikis, and can continue to do so with the archived tables, so thank you for that as well.

Even though uploads stopped, IMO, the existence of this site made people discuss and test maps in vanilla terms more. I hope we didn't ask you too many stupid questions. Vanilla engine is like a vinyl record, scientifically not the best, but impossible to throw away! :D

I hope you never regret your decision, and that your future projects are successful.

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Re: The end is near...

Post by El Juancho »

Thank you for your work.
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Re: The end is near...

Post by admin »

As it turns out, the end has been postponed... at least until the end of, which remains a looong way off. :zzz: