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Current record for Plutonia Map 1 is 2:14 if I have the most recent demo.  I believe it can be faster.

After killing the first shotgunner, he grabs the shotgun, waits for it, then kills the second shotgunner.  Instead, I propose killing the back one first, getting his weapon, then turning to kill the first one while backing into the hallway.  Not terribly difficult and shaves a second or so.

In the room with the first AV, he kills the first chaingunner as he opens the door, then slows his movement briefly to get the second one.  Instead, shoot, move to the platform, lower it, then go back to kill the second chaingunner while the platform is down.  Slightly difficult but it saves time.

Right before the revenant fight, he messes up with the switch.  about .7 seconds there, I think.

During the revenant fight, he's not moving to collect the rockets as much as he could be.  Specifically, after killing the third one, he hangs out in the second alcove too long and could save some time by moving into the rocket case room across the hall.

Getting the rocket case in the exit room can be done later, which will save time since the route becomes slightly shorter.

He takes too long to shoot at the first chaingunner in the red key room.

This is more luck, but sometimes the rockets at the imp platforms in the blue key room will take out all three imps.

In the same room, he kills the first two chaingunners with one shot, and I don't think it would take a lot of time to line up a similar shot at the second pair.


EDIT:  I see pl01-211.lmp in incoming, and some of the techniques I described get used in that one.  But he waits to long for the medikit in the revenant right, and still hangs out in that second alcove too long.  I'm thinking 2:09 or faster is possible here.
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