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Record, watch and comment demos

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Nice demo collection after a month, 11 IWAD demos and 11 PWAD demos:

Ultimate Doom
USA vs. USA :) Xit took Archy's E4M1 fast record improving it for three seconds in He also drastically improved Ole's E4M4 for 35 seconds in, shame punching Caco's didn't go well.

Archy improved E3M3 in for two seconds, still room for improvement, just be careful with rocket launcher and kill imps at exit as soon as possible :)

Coop Speed
JC teamed with Ch0wW (new player!) and recorded E2M7 speed beating old record for two seconds.

Doom 2
Coop Speed
JC & Ch0wW again recorded MAP32 speed, improving old record for three seconds. I really hope there will be more Coop demos.

USA/Archy on the run again, scoring half point with fast record on MAP18. It was improved for one second but that's what counts! Grab

Bunch of good stuff from Slovakia. j4rio took bunch of Tyson records from Xit:,,, and!

Alien Vendetta
Two fast demos from Archy, MAP07 in, and MAP09 in

Memento Mori 2
One MAP15 secret exit speed demo from vdgg improving his own record for 23 seconds in

Also vdgg, MAP15, 48 seconds improvement over his old record in

You would say vdgg again, but nope, MAP30 fast was achieved by Archy, fours seconds faster than Opulent in

More vdgg stuff, but respawn. Easy points when you record undone stuff someone would say, but I dare you to improve it. MAP06 in, MAP09 in, MAP15 in and MAP 23 in Nice job vdgg!

One more demo from Archy, MAP30 only 54 seconds faster than Xit in

Last one is true gem from vdgg. Episode 3 (MAP21-MAP30) speed movie run in 38:41. Grab popcorn in your store and demo here: vdgg is really going strong with demos/points so now he's in the hi-score top! Very nice!

All demos in one zip can be snatched here.

If you didn't notice, from now you can comment your favorite or worst demos from database, just click wad and category then click x on the right to the filename and write your comment. You have to be registered on this forum to be able to comment. One registration to rule them all. :basballbat:
Cooperative demos are in the process of integration in database (comments will be also available!) so if you can record some and make us smile! If you think you have a suggestion or critic, please tell us so we can make this site a better place for everyone!