Jabber and instant messaging

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Jabber and instant messaging

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Quoting Bahdko from doomworld.com forum:
Starting today, Doom2.net is hosting Doom2.net Messenger, an instant messaging service similar in function to MSN, ICQ, etc.

Doom2.net Messenger was realized partly as a response to MSN being taken away in a few weeks by Microsoft (they want to streamline MSN users into Skype). Doom players were early adopters of Instant Messaging and tend to have MSN accounts and contacts. Skype is different from MSN and is generally less anonymous/more involved. Not all of us want to load our Doom contacts into Skype.

At the same time, some other IM services are no longer providing the simple IM which some of us want. Some of us don't want advertisements, or to have our real names thrown around the internet, and some of us are concerned about privacy and our personal data being stored.

To that end, Doom2.net Messenger is an XMPP-based IM utilizing the Openfire platform server-side, configured with a 2048-bit EU-authority-signed certificate for communication with clients. It's compatible with any XMPP-enabled IM client (although the configuration example on the web site is limited to just one client, Pidgin). It doesn't log chat content server side, but be aware that some chat clients are configured to save your conversations on your own hard drive by default, including Pidgin. The hardware hosting the service is located in Finland.

It's simply a free, open IM service, much like ICQ and MSN were in the beginning. Aside from the occasional server maintenance, it's intended to stay live for the forseeable future.

If it's something you find a use for (especially when MSN bites the dust soon), feel free to make an account and get the contacts you want to keep to come with you.

I've decided to use chat.doom2.net Jabber service for this forum. So you can register your username with some client (Pidgin, Miranda,...) there and use it here in your profile under Jabber.

I'm using it personally (fx@chat.doom2.net) so you can send me instant messages via forum too.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.