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April galore

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Hey, no funny things here, just serious speedruning as usual:

Ultimate Doom
Some old rules were altered so I recorded one silly respawn demo on E1M8 called r1m8-249.zip and Altima did a proper E1M8 recording in r1m8-155.zip. Still improvable with some luck in the ending room but who wants to waste time for 0.5 points?

JC teamed with his French friends and recorded with Dislogical E2M6 speed using void glide bug in c2s6-024.zip, few hours later he played E3M6 max with Ch0wW making c3m6-200.zip.

Kunkun did MAP09 bars glide in pl09-057.zip beating Jim's record for 15 seconds.

More Kunkun demos: MAP01 19 seconds faster than Jim in pn01-019.zip, MAP08 18 seconds faster than Jim in pn08-024.zip and MAP09 54 seconds faster than Jim pn09-104.zip. Unfortunately, I missed old cack_handed record on MAP08 so Kunkun uploaded pn08-019.zip. Can we expect more stuff like this? I hope so!

vdgg filled all missing respawn entries: MAP12 in pr12-425.zip, MAP22 in pr22-528.zip, MAP23 in pr23-444.zip, MAP25 in pr25-433.zip and MAP26 in pr26-506.zip. In the meantime, Altima improved Jim's MAP29 record for 37 seconds in pr29-425.zip.

JC and Dislogical speeding trought MAP01 with nice SSG boost in the back to achieve 0:05 and pacifist since no pellets hit any monsters in pc01-005.zip. They did record it twice, first time on skill 3, so the first one is in misc category now.

Alien Vendetta
Altima Mantoid also filled some empty table space recording previously undone MAP10 in ar10-854.zip. Pretty amazing 100% kills :P

Hell Revealed
Altima loves HR MAP30 so after doing 1:56 he improved it to 1:40 and now he did 1:21 in hr30-121.zip. Congrats on beating yourself bud! :P

Memento Mori 2
Two undone respawn demos by vdgg: first on MAP 16 in m216r431.zip and second on MAP17 in m217r559.zip.

Altima was struck by Archy's comment so he improved Archy's MAP30 record for 48 seconds in m230f218.zip. More comments please?! :P

vdgg "fixed" and improved Jim's record on MAP21 for 1:50! in rq21-456.zip. Also did MAP29 speeding up Jim's record for 48 seconds in rq29-507.zip.

More quality from vdgg, MAP29 improved for 49 seconds in rq291313.zip and deleting Jonases only point that he had for 16 years! Sorry Jonas!

Last one is one more table filling by vdgg, MAP23 in rr23-605.zip.

Fullzip can be downloaded right here.

For those who didn't notice, database is fully operating with two player cooperative records. You have to click 2x on "Coop" to switch from normal database to cooperative listing. Site was polished a bit (fixed some nasty hellish bugs), and more features were added, you can also comment two player coop demos, tho, you have to be registered on forum to use them.

Also, uploading demos is slightly advanced and for registered only. See here what I'm talking about.

Three or four player cooperative demos are also accepted but you need to send them with email.

May the speed be with you!

ps. thank you Altima for reporting errors.