Summer heat

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Summer heat

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Not so many demos in this update, since last update was three months ago but still some surprisingly good ones arrived.

I'm very happy to announce one COMPET-N newcomer, to be correct Aleksey "4shockblast" Kamenev from USA. His first COMPET-N demo beats Loopers TNT MAP17 speedrun for 5 seconds with a faster bar glide, as Looper suggested in txt. Guess Looper could push this even lower now. Nice debut anyway and I hope we will see more demos from you.

Kunkun sent two Plutonia demos, one MAP02 nightmare, beating Xit for 19 seconds and I bet we can expect further improvement from Xit on this one. Second is a really nice speedrun improvement trough first episode in beating Drew's for almost two minutes, 1:58 to be correct. Glides seems to do the work for you these days :)

Ultimate Doom
Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore recorded E2M2 max squeezing it down for one second to 3:15 in so Radek's record is history now, hehe :P. Till now, 18 demos was submitted for that map, seems popular and fun. Few punches missed, but still good job Drew.

JC Dorne and Maëllig Desmottes sent bunch of Ultimate Doom cooperative demos:
First one is first episode speedrun, sixteen seconds faster than Jim and Vincent's old record, Few new moves in there, good to see such improvements in cooperative. Maybe Vincent and Jim want to take it back? Second is E3M7 speedrun,, two seconds faster than Vincent and Selim's record only 12 years old. Doh! Then one previously undone record, nightmare on E2M1,! GJ! And three nightmare 100% secrets, E2M2 in, E2M6 in and E4M3 in Tho, there is still no NM100s category under coop, but I hope to add it soon.

Memento Mori
Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore sent one MAP02 max,, beating Jim "Xit Vono" Leonard for eight seconds.

Memento Mori 2
One more MAP02 max record from stx-Vile,, really nice demo and enjoyable to watch. One second faster than Karim "Kimo Xvirus" El-Sheikh record.

All new records are available here:

I've been away for some time so no new features on the site, but I have few things on my mind, and few bugs to catch. If you have any idea for COMPET-N contest (yup!), you're more than welcome!
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Re: Summer heat

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We all know that summer heat can cause heat stroke so we need to be careful not just that we also have to drink water at least 8 to 10 glasses a day.