Final Doom Executables?

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Final Doom Executables?

Post by Andrew »

Hello everyone!

I had the downloaded (legitimately paid for, I might add!) version of Final Doom but unfortunately a virus corrupted all the exe files. The wad *seems* ok, can't say for sure. I just love this game. If you're reading this post and have FInal Doom with you, can you *please* send me the executables in the package (main game exe, Setup.exe etc.) as well as, if it's not too much trouble, a CRC/MD5/??? checksum list for all the files?

Thanks a lot in advance!

P.S. Don't know if anyone noticed this, but after running id's patch to upgrade Doom2 to v1.9, the main game exe got updated but Setup.exe still says v1.7! Is this ok or does someone have a Doom2 DOS Setup.exe v1.9?
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Re: Final Doom Executables?

Post by Opulent »

I sent him the files.