Doom95 problem

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Doom95 problem

Post by Andrew »

Hi there!

I'm using Doom95 under WinXP Pro SP2 (no compatibility mode used). It works fine (except for the mouse - the VXD doesn't work, do we have to register it in the registry?) but one problem that bugs me is that even if I set the effects and music volume to 0 in the Configuration dialog, the volume remains quite loud and is not muted. Any way to fix this? (and yes, thanks, but I know about all the other ports out there...! also, I do not want to mute my global system volume under windows)

- Andrew
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Re: Doom95 problem

Post by Opulent »

It depends upon what type of mouse you use... and what drivers.
If you are using a USB mouse, for example, I would doubt this would ever work.
Other than ease of networking, nothing makes Doom95 attractive over Prboom.
as for the sound, you could try -nomusic  :)

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