October -fast

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October -fast

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Since I'm really busy last few months, here is a -fast 2013/10 update:

We had some player registrations, COMPET-N players, but only Mickaël 'MG86' Girard sent some Cooperative demos. Thank you!

Last contest went great, hope new one will have even more submissions!

Regarding Competition Doom (CNDOOM) be sure to check this site for updated version before recording demos, and submit demos right after recording them, because if you recorded with 2.0.2 and current version is 2.0.3 you will not be able to submit 2.0.2 demo!!! We will allow uploading old demos only one day after releasing new version. So, be careful and upload soon as possible.

Regarding this -fast update (really sorry about that), Tatsurd-cacocaco showed us that COMPET-N records are still far from optimal, it was pleasant to watch those records, kunkun improved Plutonia movie with tons of neat tricks so this one is also a must see demo, France (JC/MG86) filled some coop demos, and both Relic and Ryback sent one respawn demo. c4n7-001.zip is a true speed demo :P Thank you all for contribution!

If there is somebody that can spare some time to post COMPET-N update per month drop me PM/email message.

All new records are available here: 20131012.zip