I can't submit a pr07 demo.

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I can't submit a pr07 demo.

Post by Archy »

I'm trying to submit a demo for Plutonia map 7 in the UV -Respawn category but when I do, the fallowing is stated:

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Use new txt template for your records or at least add correct record date and country in your template. Thank you!

Before uploading demos, please read rules.

If you have a demo that does not fit this upload script, then send it to admin@doom.com.hr
Unable to load map!
I sent the demo to admin@REMOVE-THISdoom.com.hr since the upload feature wouldn't work.
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Re: I can't submit a pr07 demo.

Post by fx »

I was able to upload it without a problem. Did you select everything (game/map/category/...)? Anyway, hope next demo will work out of the box.
"Unable to load map" seems like a wrong map selection (but that should not be possible since it automatically load maps, well I guess it's just a temporary database glitch/error.
Thank you for reporting, and it's good to see you back ;)