Competition Doom v2.0.3.1 released

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Competition Doom v2.0.3.1 released

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With help of Fabian, fraggle and all other Choco contributors I've managed to release Competition Doom v2.0.3.1 for 21st Doom birthday.

Yeah, so happy birthday Doom!!! You are old be we are too, hehe :)

Head over to wiki site covering source and downloads and some info.

Source is moved to github as Choco is too, so report bugs, patches there:

As usual, before uploading demos, please test them so I suggest you to try to record sample demo and upload it first here.
then if everything is OK upload demo as every other demo here.

Please read carefully rules and obey them otherwise your demo will not be accepted.

Ok, if you are ready to play, you can directly download it from here:
Competition Doom v2.0.3.1 for Windows

If you didn't notice I've uploaded all Competition Doom records to our Youtube channel and released XBMC/Kodi video addon so you can watch Doom world records from my favorite media center. Any new demo will be immediately uploaded too, so keep em coming! :)

Have fun as always and happy Christmas / holidays / whatever you celebrate!

ps. new cnlauncher v2.0 is still in the progress but I hope to release beta soon.