Competition Doom update

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Competition Doom update

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Lot's of buzz in the news about new Doom 2 world speed record. Maybe it was related to Doom's 21st birthday but anyway it got attention it deserves.

We go six new records uploaded since 08/2014.

I've uploaded MAP01 demos (not a record at all) to provoke Sedlo, so Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlić improved it to decent time in, thought this could be done much much faster :) It's MAP01 you know, Sedlo's favorite map, so it could be interesting. Anyone?

Zero-Master wanted to show us how to do MAP02 trick so he uploaded, pretty nice and lots of space for improvement.

Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlić recorded MAP31 in

He also did MAP31 secret exit in, guess it's hard not to do it after practicing MAP31.

One of big excitements are from Zero-Master, Competition freshman who manged to beat Looper's COMPET-N demo from 2010, Doom 2 movie run Zero-Master decided to show us some new (old) tricks in his But he was first to try them on a long run. Not easy task at all, to risk it in such a long run!

Second big excitement is Zero-Master's complete Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment movie run done in demo. Also bunch of amazing tricks, very impressive!

All Competition Doom demos packed in one zip are available here:

Our site was heavily updated in last few months so if you encounter any problems please report it, so we can fix it. Thank you!

We also got few new COMPET-N records since last update but I'd focus on Looper's Doom 2 movie run as he beated Zero-Master's CNDOOM record so I think it should be at least mentioned. COMPET-N demos packed in one zip are available here: