Competition Doom v2.0.3.2 released

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Competition Doom v2.0.3.2 released

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With the release of Chocolate Doom 2.2.0 it was time to update Competition Doom too, there are not too many changes, just fixes:

- Merged with Chocolate Doom 2.2.0 and fixed critical hires bugs, big thanks to all who participated!
- For best performance under display -> advanced select directx as video driver and 16 bit color.
- Changed "Compatibility" to "Advanced settings" in setup.
- Quickstart works best if used in fullscreen with startup_delay set to 0, then adjust Quickstart value to your preference.
- Updated launcher, few fixes regarding wad location and quickstart.
- Updated FLAC, OGG, PNG, Vorbis and SDL net libraries.

Grab you copy here, Imp did his best burning thousand of copies.

And if you encounter any bugs or want to apply patches go here: but please submit as much info you can, provide config, operating system, and describe the problem briefly.

Before uploading demos, please test them so I suggest you to try to record sample demo and upload it first here.
then if everything is OK upload demo as every other demo here.

Please read carefully rules and obey them otherwise your demo will not be accepted.

Ok, if you are ready to play, you can directly download it from here:
Competition Doom v2.0.3.2 for Windows

ps. updated launcher: ...