COMPET-N ranting and plans

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COMPET-N ranting and plans

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Let's clear some things about COMPET-N:

1. Why was COMPET-N moved now and why to
I wanted to take over COMPET-N years ago after Adam left without notice, I was even hoping he would ask people for some help so we can get faster updates, but was also hoping that Adam will come back. Well, since that didn't happen, I did talk to BahdKo in 2008 and after I saw the source I knew I can't take it until I'll have my own server. Finally in 2011 I was in possession of two servers and then started to realize everything on

2. No FTP with public incoming?
Yes, no FTP and I will not even try to make one, it's insecure and messy. Demos are rarely updated these days and you can upload them directly to COMPET-N incoming via upload form, or just email them to me.

3. So where can we find demos now?
Demos can be accessed here:

4. What will happen with
Nothing, BahdKo will keep old COMPET-N but she will redirect all requests to my site so links can stay as they are (I hope so).

COMPET-N rules will stay as they are, ONLY Vanilla demos are accepted!!

Zvonimir 'fx' Bužanić
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