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Site changes

Post by fx »

In this topic we'll cover all updates done to / COMPET-N.

+ tutorial how to record / play demos
+ check/review coop rules
+ check/review coop demos and categories
+ lmpc online tool ... 3248#p3248
+ remove maps without secrets from nm100s upload script and mark them in database
+ fix stats ... 3596#p3596
+ doom1 episode 2 is not detected correctly, figure what's with that!???? > detected as E3M1
+ fix plutonia episode nightmare upload not detected as nmare but uv

- fixed compet-n news page

- fixed database editor
- added few missing demos
- fixed bug in uploading script
- fixed calculation of positions (quick fix, this needs complete rewrite)
- fixed issues with database editor
- fixed avatars

- fixed player page and youtube linking on forum

- migrated to new host (more memory)
- upgraded services to php 7.1, mysql 8,...
- upgraded phpbb to 3.2.x
- fixed php 7.x related errors
- migrated to new gallery since old one does not support PHP 7
- added privacy settings so user can request removal (gdpr/cookies related)

- few minor fixes to upload, comments and download pages
- few database fixes (thanks Jarmo)
- many other things I forgot to write down :D

- tricks section on forum and front page
- some fixes to database editor, comments and database
- added player column to top 100 downloads
- replaced IRC chat as it didn't work with static page with IRC server details

- fixed comments on main page and latest 50 comments
- fixed database editor
- added upload_date column
- other minor fixes

- updated everything for new competition doom, upload, test, faq, ...
- database fix (ty vdgg), some tweak to database, should be cleaner now
- top 100 downloads updated so now it will show total of cndoom, ccompet-n and coop2 records

- upload script will not warn anymore for uppercase files and will accept any *crap* you upload
- more work on new database, implemented downloads and comments (still not all comments visible...)
- some site fixes
- removed local cndoom bug page as it's all now on github:

- many fixes and improvements for database, fixes for comments section, some incoming script changes
- all databases upgraded to v0.6 so now all records have "downloads" but still downloads are not fully implemented, only on new database

- doing database from scratch, many optimizations, tweaks, and possibility to use it for heretic-n

- database now shows hi-score (not 100% checked for movie calculation but works)
- added all scythe maps and enabled in editor
- few minor fixes in database/incoming/upload regarding episode/movies demo paths
- added some nomonster demos (doom1/doom2)
- upload script now automatically parses txt file and saves it to server

16.08.2014. - 22.08.2014.
- menu not shown in db editor (thnx Jartapran)
- time convert tool fixed
- minor fixes

01.07.2014. - 15.08.2014.
- many db editor fixes (thnx vdgg)
- coop3/coop4 added to upload (still wondering what to do with such demos)
- stats page fixed
- database now shows time without leading zeros
- many nomo demos added
- upload script now updates record places after upload so demo is immediately visible in database but needs to be verified by admin ;)
- regarding upload scrpt changes, incoming now shows all demos submitted in last 60 days no matter status / validation...
- other things I forgot in the meantime

28.07.2014. - 06.08.2014.
- rewrote database editor :) YAY
- editor is now one file, maintenance mode, logging, debuging, mobile friendly, etc....
- upload script descriptions is broken so it's disabled
- small database fixes (timer, records, etc..)
- other minor changes to page

- uploaded descriptions for last update, and for HR coop
- upload script should parse descriptions for compet-n too (I hope/didn't test)

- database selection and maintenance mode (disables uploads and database editor)
- more database tweaks and optimizations
- rules changed for UV movies so now all categories are included and second best gets 5 points too

- some DB/page fixes reported by Ch0wW
- working on internal DB change that will work better/cleaner/faster and implementing nomonsters category
- other small fixes

- contests in DB editor, now competition mods (fx, Sedlo, jartapran, vdgg) can view/edit all compet-n/cndoom/coop/contest records

- fixed few bugs in compet-n stats page
- imported all contest to contest DB
- tweaked upload/contest script for easier admin manipulation
- moved contests to 2013 directory

- compet-n stats page, needs more tweaking, selection and details but it's good for start :)

- competition doom released
- upload fixes (notifications not sent)
- uploading contest writes it to contest database too (for better manipulation)
- incoming script updated so now contains contests
- user settings fixed (to reflect ports/cndoom/contest)
- config fixes
- upload script creates parsable log for manipulation: ... coming.log
- challenge removed from forum and menu as not popular/used/nothing
- doom 3 also removed from forum, no interest
... many other fixes I can't remember now, will try in future :)

- new settings (notifications) to reflect contest and database changes regarding ports

- forgot to update changes here :8
- many changes to Competition Doom 2.0.2 and launcher 1.4.3
- new upload script and few fixes
- new column for databases (game_client) so now... you can submit vanilla, chocolate, prboom and tas demos! (not yet publicly available, hehe)

- competition doom launcher
- competition doom 0.2.5

- reworked upload script for contests

- merged old forum into new forum (users, posts, pvt)
- fixed upload script

- fixed script for checking/copying new demos

- trying to implement automatic detection of uploaded files:
- most of time spent on cleaning up and adjusting Competition Doom to Chocolate Doom v2 code

- check for non existent files when downloading + removing non existent file from TOP 100

- all coop nightmare, and doom 2 movies in db

- demo is now uploaded to correct directory
- old incoming is redirected to incoming page
- incoming page fixes
- fixed database coop calculation

- list incoming uploads from database:
- comments page for coop now shows player2
- check for existance of MAP image on comment page
- inserted some d2 movies
- fixed time converter bugs

- inserted all d1 movies
- some fixes in database (coop movies)
- movies are now sortable

- inserted all (d1, d2, tnt, pl) coop speed and max demos in database
- started to re-code database editor
- changed font with Google free font for faster page load

- and domains are working again
- small db fix regarding uploaded records in Incoming

- comments code changed, user data merged with forum data

- fixed all doom 2 pacifist downloads and comments -> from IRC "dingir: fx02: Some download links from the Doom2 UV Pacifist compet-n database web frontend at don't work (lv14-020, lv16-011, lv18-021, maybe more where UV Speed = UV Pacifist)."
- upload changes, players must set ID before uploading, otherwise no upload form

- changes to database editor regarding new upload feature
- new upload:
- new setting (player id)
- some code fixes

- if user changed forum avatar, url or email, it would not get applied to comments, should be fixed

- database is "coop completed" and IWAD only for now
- fixed small bug not showing players/country (reported by vdgg)

- fixed few comments/forum bugs

- cron script adjusted for incoming (every 30 mins)
- old CN forum is now finally working!

- cleanups and fixes
- removed gallery from the main page since it cause a CPU hog :/
- finished coop hiscore (2 players for now)

- new and more options, linked to forum username and saved in database

- comments multilingual
- comments style, maybe more tweaks needed
- fixed prosilver
- some styling issues and css cleanup (w3c validation)
- made comment nick linkable

- minor comment styling
- fixed previous/next comments

- total downloads per demo located in public/compet-n
- some work on (coop) database
- code cleanups and page optimization, should load much faster (below 1 sec!)
- fixed comments unsubscribe, some unneeded comment code cleanup

- all maps extracted

- database and highscore code completely rewritten and finished
- database is multilingual now (need translations of course)
- comments page will show you demo TXT if you hover "download"
- comments page will show you map if you hover map name
- updated tapatalk
- other fixes

- finally finished first part of highscore code (ALL)
- created comments for every single demo! (still some bugs...)
- added latest 5 comments to first page
- fixed some db issues

- finished/updated code for current records
- tool for time conversion

- finally updated rules page
- fixed mobile page, now menu is shown, database is correctly displayed, report bugs pls

- more sql optimization for current records and highscores (not working online yet)
- db fixes (vdgg)
- new 403 page

- sql optimization
- some site sleanup

- more db fixes (thnx to Archy, vdgg, Altima)
- sortable columns per map only records
- new style and settings active
- more page fixes (Archy is the man)
- old COMPET-N forum is broken... can't find the reason
- new 404 and 500 pages :)

- styled public directory listing
- changing HTML code TABLE -> DIV (not available yet for public)
- settings per visitor (style, gallery, forum, servers, etc) (not available yet for public)
- some database fixes (thank you Archy)

- when you click on movies you will get actual records now, not all like it was till now, but you can show all records by clicking on show all records
- old forum updated to latest YaBB:

- more database optimization, still need to speed up highscore query, but normal records query is at least 40% faster now
- when showing all records for some player, current records will be in green, other in gray example
- doom page is pretty slow in combination with database so I recommend to use database on this linkfor faster browsing
- fixed some plutonia missing demos and wrong filnames reported by Jartapran
- added code for displaying maps in tooltips while hovering map collumn: ... category=1

- some work on Heretic-N database was done
- few COMPET-n database fixes

- reworked database editor, fixes, new options
- some records fixed: date & player (doom, doom 2, hr)

- country and continent highscore
- again reworked maps, secrets are shown now after map (15 -> 15S, 31 -> 31S)
- total speedruning time
- going over record time with mouse will show in tip prboom/nomonsters time for that map

- reworked cn_maps.sql
- reworked cn_records.sql to comply with new cn_maps.sql
- more database options, maps are now shown for all WAD's, maps and players listing (previous/next)
- working on country and continent highscore

- all known PWAD records are in database. What now? Well, I'd like to ask every player to check his demos/records/filenames if possible and check his score so I could iron out any bugs in calculation if there is any ;) vdgg is already looking into database for errors, and I'm sure there are some

- MM2 speed and nightmare done, vdgg finished all Requiem
- fixed AV and MM2 highscores

- finished MM nm, nm100s and tyson, vdgg did RQ speed and some nm

- MM speed done, vdgg finished Requiem Max, I wonder when did AdamH found time to play, last few months I played only few hours just to get back in shape and make one demo... :facepalm: Well, the end of database filling is near! That's sweet smell of victory! lol

- finished all HR records
- since I have some troubles with queries, decided to create test database and add tables with maps for every wad
- I started to write my COMPET-N admin start up and how I migrated to MySQL on my personal blog

- finished with HR MAX, NM100s and Pacifist, vdgg started with Requiem records

- improved highscore, now you can select highscore per game, IWAD, PWAD or all combined :)
+ higscore is almost the same as old one and should be official now, wheee! Anyway, it should be easy to hunt bugs now
- added database stats on start to show number of records, players, first and last demo (and more later :gracho: )
- fixed all Doom 2 pacifist demos :smokin:
- other database fixes
- made "thanks" icon for lucid lime theme and fixed theme
- removed PWAD demo upload from menu since everything is done by one link one
- HR max demos continued

- finally fixed highscore calculation for COMPET-N database
+ noticed some Doom2 pacifist demos are missing! (need to import them again from backup)

- added Hell Revealed speed and nightmare demos, max in progress
- reordered and removed some duplicated demos in compet-n directory

- some work on Competition database, cleaning and optimizing
- Competition Doom v0.2.2 in progress: metadata and second strafe

- work on Competition database (miliseconds) and interface is almost done -
- records can be sorted by map, player, country, time and date
- points are much better calculated but code needs optimization, and movies are not calculated yet
- changed BBcode "spoiler" to "hide" and improved it
- added two smilies
- added and modified new dark theme, try it here:
- merged rules and FAQ for COMPET-N, no point to have it separated
- added Doom 3 Ressurection of Evil codes -
- Competition Doom v0.2.1 BETA released:
- Competition Doom (short: cndoom) is now Chocolate doom branch: ... oom-branch

- players page -
- upgraded tapatalk forum plugin, again :)
- working on Competition Doom (Chocolate Doom fork), v0.2.0 BETA soon to be released
- some changes to MySQL database and implementation of new records with miliseconds/gametics
- fixed database editor, implemented adding new records to it (miliseconds/gametics)

- removed Zdaemon scripts since they do not work for 1.09 :(
- working on COMPET-N player page, player data will be stored in new database
- upgraded tapatalk forum plugin and forum itself

- COMPET-N redesigned, new logo
- Kimo Xvirus added all AV demos to new database
- working on db editor most of the time

- totaly new COMPET-N theme is almost finished, needs few more fixes but it will be applied soon, thank you Q!
- created Competition forum group
- more work on database interface for moderators/admins: -> COMPET-N moderators needed!
- finished with simple database output (no scores/country yet):
- still need to fix time on database output :/

- creating interface for database maintenance (add/edit players or records)

- redesigned database structure to fit our needs
- created JSON database output for mobile devices (Dashiva wants to build iPhone app!) I think that's awsome :clap2:
- example of database output: - not working anymore!

- completed database conversion! :pffft:

- work on PHP code for database

- working on MySQL database and PHP/jQuery script, importing Doom 1, Plutonia and TNT

- small changes to demo upload script, tweaked upload size, separate config file but needs more fixing/tweaking

- finished adding all demos! YAY!
- Sedlo in the meantime added lots of ZDaemon 1on1 demos

- finished adding all Plutonia demos
- made small forum modifications to prosilver
- added back online icon but smaller
- started rip thread

- moved whole page to another (faster) server

- added part of Plutonia nightmare
- forum now supports Tapatalk mobile application

- added Plutonia speed and max
- addedBBcodes for Plutonia
- added and modified another forum skin/style subsilver2

- added Ultimate Doom speed and tyson
- addedBBcodes for Doom
- added main title for forum

- added all TNT demos to news and old database
- Archy started work on Plutonia demos!!! :)
- fixed wrong link for old Incoming
- fixed forum private message settings, hope that's the last one :/

- did some code optimization on, added configurable/translate-able title file for most pages

- added TNT speed + max records to news and old database
- imported/converted all current players and Doom 2 data to MySQL
- more MySQL Doom 2 testing:

- COMPET-N links for rules, about and faq on "old" page now leads to new pages
- activated COMPET-N style when viewing COMPET-N pages, still needs more tweaking and "new" logo
- added TNT NM records to news and old database

- fixed many links in archive pages
- added missing pacifist map07
- more MySQL testing:

- started with COMPET-N database conversion to MySQL, created records and players table, importing of records works, need more polishing
- crunching SQL... many thinking what and where and how...
- imported last Doom 2 COMPET-N demos (tyson)

- some compet-n styling

- importing Doom 2 COMPET-N demos (nm, nm100s, respawn, speed, tyson)
- continue work on options / COMPET-N styles

- finished merging phpbb3 and start site (phbb3 login on start)
- working on options / COMPET-N styles
- WIP for Compet-n page by Alen 'Q' Stojanac: and If there is anyone who would like to create new style for let me know, I'll be glad to send PS files.
- imported Doom 2 COMPET-N demos (movies)
- challenge demos uploaded
- edited forum template, removed some things (bb code status, rage, doom4 and copyright for more space, sry phpBB coders)
- clicking on forum logo will open

- forum language defaulted to American English
- enabled forum Avatars, if you want custom Avatar send link to it and we'll reconsider using it
- more forum languages (American English, Czech, Finnish, French & German)
- fixed COMPET-N rules (MAP07), thnx vdgg
- fixed COMPET-N pwad uploading and nostalgia demo links, thnx Archy
- new "Suggestions" forum section
- fixed COMPET-N nostalgia e1m4, and e1m4-3 links, thnx Archy
- added ~130 custom smilies for more fun
- added ranks (noob-0, player-100, veteran-500, pro-1000, master & nightmare are special)
- started merging phpbb3 and start site (phbb3 login on start) + site options and more
- fixed some minor COMPET-N stuff, thnx Archy

- started merging "old" COMPET-N page with for easier maintainance, pages done: uploading, rules, faq, incoming, about and news
- edited COMPET-N logo since I don't have original source for COMPET-N logo, anyone?
- added COMPET-N style to css files
- when opening any COMPET-N page (except incoming/public), site logo will change to COMPET-N logo
- modified variables for all pages so we can do multilingual page, some old links will not work, like this one, now it's, and yes, translators are welcome! (Czech, German, Finnish, French, etc.)
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Re: Site changes

Post by Archy »

zvonimir wrote:- edited Compet-n logo since I don't have original source for Compet-n logo, anyone?
This isn't just the Logo, there's a bit of a background to it but:
I don't think there is a "source for Compet-n logo" without the background.
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Re: Site changes

Post by fx »

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Re: Site changes

Post by fx »

Just to let you know that I'm working hard on new database, take a look at first post. I want to have it done this month so everything will be smooth and slick. Also I'll need database maintainers, so if you are interested please send me PM or reply here. And by that I mean I need people that will fix errors in database or add new records for wads/pwads or new players in database via simple webpage with few clicks.
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Re: Site changes

Post by Archy »

I think vdgg deserves a better title than "noob."
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Re: Site changes

Post by fx »

Heh, he didn't reach 100 posts but yeah I'll think of something :P
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Re: Site changes

Post by Archy »

This addition can be somewhat annoying when viewing the database, as when clicking from link to link, one must scroll down afterwords to see the desired content. Other than that though, I like it.
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Re: Site changes

Post by fx »

I have a plan to add new option here: remove header completly and remove just image

Probably tommorow, then you can suit it to your needs. Need to rework those options so they will be bond to forum username and not to computer/browser as they are now using cookies. So if you visit the page from another pc with your username, your settings will apply automatically.
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Re: Site changes

Post by fx »

Well, try new options
Almost everything can be altered now. Cheers!
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Re: Site changes

Post by Archy »

What does "Gallery" alter?

Edit: Never mind, figured it out.

Nice changes btw.
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Re: Site changes

Post by fx »

Sometimes changes are not visible until you refresh the page. Not sure why, I'll figure it one day, hehe. Gallery gave me serious problems (look at CPU usage) yesterday so it was disabled for some time until I fixed the problem. Subsilver style needs fixes and I consider it unusable for now.

ps. see first post for changes
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Re: Site changes

Post by fx »

Finally got some time to fix front page and some forum issues related to mysql8 :)