COMPET-N is so old that its past is covered by well-protecting mist :) Even the really veteran players don't know when it was started, and no one seemed to be there at its genesis... With some work, I could gather round some information on the history of COMPET-N.

COMPET-N was founded by an Englishman called Simon Widlake, in (to my best knowledge) November 1994, just one month after DOOM2's release. The first demos in were by Sven "Dasa" Huth, dated 18/11/1994. The original FTP site to host COMPET-N was ftp://brains.cc.rl.ac.uk/ftp/pub/DoomLMPS/, however, it soon moved to ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/idgames/lmps/COMPET-N/. COMPET-N stayed for a longer time on cdrom, and during this time it was buzzing with activity. The first COMPET-N "gods" showed up and filled the tables with LMPs.
In March 1997, Istvan Pataki has started a temporary COMPET-N repository, because Simon couldn't spare time to maintain his site. This temporary repository stayed, and became the COMPET-N FTP site. Its address was ftp://ftp.sch.bme.hu/pub/compet-n/.

As Istvan got lost his interest in maintaning the site, Adam Hegyi had the interest to carry on, so Istvan handed Adam administration in early 1998. Even though many of the veterans have retired in mid/late 1997, 1997/98 saw many new players emerge and completely rearrange the records table. 1998 also witnessed the first Done Quick recordings (DOOM Done Quick and DOOM2 Done Quick), and the now classic first ever NightMare Run by Thomas "Panter" Pilger. Also in 1998, Pacifist and Tyson styles were included. In 1999, COMPET-N had to move its FTP site, and it was hosted by ftp://abacus.mad.hu a few months. Nevertheless, 1999 was the second most popular year of COMPET-N after 1996. Loads of new tricks including rocketjumps, archvile jumps, normal jumps, glides, slides, have been discovered.
All DOOM Episodes have been done in NightMare skill. A new category, NightMare with 100% secrets has been introduced. After that we had a server at http://doom.alpha.rulez.org for a while.
In 2000/07, COMPET-N moved to doom2.net hosted by BahdKo and started hosting cooperative demos of all kinds, and we saw DOOM2 done by 2 players on NightMare! skill by Anders Johnsen and Henning Skogsto. New tricks still emerged once in a while. The 3rd Done Quick recording was released, DOOM Done Quicker.

COMPET-N current address is http://compet-n.gamers.org/compet-n/ and will stay like that as long as possible...
Official IRC chanel is #nightmare on Quakenet network, irc.quakenet.org:6667.

Email contact: fpv@gamers.org
For more info, check out the FAQ/rules page.
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