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  • TNT: ef09-716, 12.06.2018 22:45
    GuyNamedErick: Thanks! TNT is one of my two favorite IWADs and I want to improve some of the categories on some map...
  • TNT: ef09-716, 12.06.2018 17:14
    fx: Good job on improving old record as this one was!
  • AV: av20-253, 27.08.2017 07:31
    Huncd6814: Congratulations for setting the first speed record for AV in three years. You should be proud of you...
  • Doom: f1m5-245, 15.08.2015 06:34
    fx: Nice to see you back, I think you should squeeze five more seconds with more monster in-fights if po...
  • MM2: m206-219, 05.08.2015 13:23
    fx: This is too much for one year... you cant do that!!!! :PPP
  • Plutonia: pf30-047, 31.07.2015 03:24
    Archy: Wow! Impressive! Yonatan Donner finally has no records. His entry lasted 17 years on that map. Are t...
  • Plutonia: pf30-047, 27.12.2014 14:11
    vdgg: Outstanding achievement. Great, great, great, but the last few seconds especially (no spoilers, so w...
  • Doom 2: 30uv2155, 24.12.2014 09:40
    fx: Great movie run and very fast response to Zero-Master's movie! Congratulations! We need more player...
  • Doom 2: ns10-229, 20.12.2014 11:40
    fx: I remember trying to do this map back in the best days of COMPET-N, it's really easy to die :) GJ
  • MM: mm11-255, 30.11.2014 09:56
    fx: Thank you for making this records (max/fast)!
  • Doom: u4m8-219, 16.03.2014 05:57
    Archy: Thank you! Shaving off one second was quite difficult. SAV88 inspired me to try out this map, yo...
  • Doom: f1m4-145, 21.01.2014 17:30
    fx: Yeah, he had great moves and route improvements. Shame he's now occupied with beer and football :D
  • Doom: f1m4-145, 21.01.2014 16:00
    brenton: Improving your own record twice, each time a near 10% improvement... very good :)
  • Plutonia: 30pl3239, 21.01.2014 15:58
    brenton: Any significance to this being listed as "MAP01" rather than the "ALL" category on the Plutonia movi...
  • Plutonia: 30pl3239, 15.01.2014 16:28
    fx: Yeah it is awesome as any movie run, but I'm waiting for a better/improved version recorded with Com...