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Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment: The Plutonia Experiment (MAP01 - MAP30)

Player: Zero-Master 'Zero-Master'

Country: Norway (NO), Europe
Number of demos : 65
First demo: - 16.08.2014
Last demo: - 10.07.2017
Email: [protected address]


  • 28.10.2014 10:20
    ZeroMaster010: Thanks Sedlo! Sorry about late reply. Yes, glides are indeed a reliable thing, I also just did a doom 2 lvl02 run using the glide (in 36 seconds), however as explained in the txt I only did it in 10 minutes, so it can deffinatly go further without too much trouble. As far as I know there are a few ways of doing glides, not too sure about different methods to do guideless glides, so I'll explain mine: what is needed is vertical mouse movement and incase someone that doesn't use record demo should read this, demo recording reduces the turning resolution which is very helpfull for east to west and north to south direction glides (or left to right and up to down by checking your map). There are 3 steps for getting a glide to work, first you should get the right angle which is the case where when you are moving forward against a wall you will be moving very slowly to the left, with recording this shouldn't be too hard to do. The next step is to get in the right position which is done by getting the gap to cover up your screen (there should be 1 line of the wall on your left side) while you walk forward. You will know you have the right angle and position if you are not moving while walking forward against the gap, if that is the case you do step 3 which is to use a very small forward movement with your mouse (vertical mouse movement). This works 100% of the time for east to west glides if done correctly, the north to south glides are a bit different (atleast map 09 of plutonia) where in some cases you will not stop moving while walking forward. In that case you need to take a step away from the wall and walk forward again, for some reason this will make it so that you always stop in the gap, and the second thing is that you need to use slightly more vertical mouse movement. In some cases you can also run forward and get stop moving when you are facing the wall, but this doesn't always work which is why walk is used. But, if you have the right angle and you still have to move slightly more to the left then obviously using run to get closer and switching to walk when you are close is faster. For my doom2-speed-map02-0003623 run the glide was kind of lucky since I got the right angle and position at the same time, but it can still be done faster. You can also probably ignore the shotgunners if you just give it enough tries, though you would want to practice doing the glides without them bothering you first :) , also since people have been running this map for a long time there's probably a better way to do the blue key area then what I did in my demo. I've been trying to do single segment runs of doom 2 and I really hate resetting so I use more safe route by destroying the barrel in the room next to blue key from the top and also killing the first imp in the blue key room, and not to mention the overall movement, so still a lot of time can be saved. Btw Sedlo, you're map 12 speed of plutonia is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen :)
  • 03.10.2014 16:32
    Sedlo: Just watched this thang. Nice run man, congrats. Was fun to watch and it was prolly hell of a job to pull this one off. Seems I was gone from the scene for far too long, I see glides are reliable thing now. How the hell?? :) Someone pls explain me in details, would be neat to make lvl02 run with it :). Anyway keep up the good work man!