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Doom 2: Doom 2 Hell On Earth (MAP01 - MAP30)

Player: Zero-Master 'Zero-Master'

Country: Norway (NO), Europe
Number of demos : 65
First demo: - 16.08.2014
Last demo: - 10.07.2017
Email: [protected address]


  • 13.07.2015 19:57
    ZeroMaster010: Yes, I've improved quite a bit with nightmare! Breaking minute barriers is usually always my goal when I do movie runs, and numbers like 20 and 25 feel even more special. So someday I would hope to see Doom 2 go below 20 and 25 minutes for UV and NM respectively, while I think that it won't be too long before it happens for UV, I am not sure if it will ever happen for NM. I believe that with a more aggressive route for NM and doing as few mistakes as it would take to get sub 20 minutes for UV, then it should be enough for sub 25, but that would probably take forever :) However it wasn't too long ago I thought that sub 22 minutes for doom 2 UV had to be the last minute barrier, so who knows. For UV there was always some small thing that could be done differently to save a second or so, and it all added up really quickly. Such a shame about that arch-vile on map 27 and that slightly too early rocket on map 30, I was quite sure I was on sub 27 minute pace before I didn't manage to get around the arch-vile. But it's nightmare, something always has to go wrong :) Time to relax with some 30uv now I think, haha, and thanks for the comments as always.
  • 13.07.2015 16:12
    fx: Watching this makes Nightmare look so bad and easy. Some deadly endings (02,05,...) but overall great run and trick performance. It's noticeable that your moving and strategy is much better (improving ha? :), but still nervous at last few maps, and I totally understand as I would froze and just die, heh. Going under 27... what's next then 25? ;P Congrats on the run, I was watching with awe and was scared few times like I was playing it not watching it. Thank you for great entertainment!