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Final Doom, TNT: Evilution: TNT Evilution (MAP01 - MAP30)

Player: Zero-Master 'Zero-Master'

Country: Norway (NO), Europe
Number of demos : 65
First demo: - 16.08.2014
Last demo: - 10.07.2017
Email: [protected address]


  • 05.10.2016 13:02
    ZeroMaster010: I think it's time for a little break now, busy times ahead of me, probably shouldn't have started a big project like TNT NM in the first place :) I still have some things I want to improve, 30uv, I consider that and 30nm to be the main categories personally, so I don't think I will ever be completely happy with them as long as there is still time to be saved. And of course I will have to revisit my favourite wad, plutonia, one day. It was my first run afterall, and I've improved a lot since then, not to mention the route can also be improved significantly. So probably 30uv and 30pl, but not for a while, thanks again :)
  • 04.10.2016 15:47
    fx: What will you do now after beating everything? Is there anything you can't do? :) You told you will deliver and here it is now. Great stuff as always. Thank you!