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Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment: The Plutonia Experiment (MAP01 - MAP30)

Player: Zero-Master 'Zero-Master'

Country: Norway (NO), Europe
Number of demos : 65
First demo: - 16.08.2014
Last demo: - 10.07.2017
Email: [protected address]


  • 10.07.2017 17:39
    fx: Nice demo and great improvement! cndoom needs new version, 60fps would be awesome and I was considering it but I'm still out of time. Hoping that at the end of this year I'll be able to finally work on new version.
  • 10.07.2017 04:19
    ZeroMaster010: First demo: recorded on 2014-08-16 14:36:06 Last demo: recorded on 2017-07-10 10:16:27 Looks like I've gotten a bit better at this game :) I've had so much trouble with this demo that I decided I needed to use crispy doom for the extra comfort of uncapped framerate to bring it under 20 minutes, so I've uploaded 30pl1958 to doomworld (it has a long txt file) and this one (20:07) here as it was done in cndoom. This one is better if you ignore map 12 :) I think I might use crispy doom more frequently as I plan to stream at 60fps, so it looks better for those watching. I will also probably not put so much effort into demos anymore anyways, this one was too much work. Enjoy!