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Revved 'Revved'

Country: Canada (CA) / North America

Unique player ID: 152

Number of demos: 107

First demo: recorded on 2010-02-01

Last demo: recorded on 2013-01-26

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Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP18: MillRevved 11:02.002012-07-15ef181102.zip782
MAP19: Shipping/RespawningRevved 7:27.002012-07-16ef19-727.zip802
MAP23: Lunar Mining ProjectRevved 5:53.002010-05-04ef23-553.zip771
MAP24: QuarryRevved 2:58.002010-05-03ef24-258.zip825
Episode record's
EP1: TNT Episode 1 (MAP01 - MAP10)Revved 1:12:34.002011-08-087234ef01.zip789
Episode record's
EP2: TNT Episode 2 (MAP11 - MAP20)Revved 1:49:30.002012-08-0410930e11.zip808
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Max
Episode record's
EP2: Plutonia Episode 2 (MAP11 - MAP20)Revved 1:00:27.002011-10-046027pl11.zip789
EP3: Plutonia Episode 3 (MAP21 - MAP30)Revved 1:11:03.002012-10-067103pl21.zip772
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP17: CompoundRevved 2:56.002010-11-15pf17-256.zip548
MAP18: NeurosphereRevved 2:12.002010-11-14pf18-212.zip566
MAP19: NMERevved 4:30.002010-02-15pf19-430.zip526
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP17: CompoundRevved 2:49.002010-12-26pr17-249.zip782
MAP18: NeurosphereRevved 2:24.002010-05-05pr18-224.zip561
MAP19: NMERevved 2:03.002011-07-07pr19-203.zip740
MAP20: The Death DomainRevved 4:01.002011-09-14pr20-401.zip706
MAP27: Anti-ChristRevved 3:03.002010-07-29pr27-303.zip735
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Max
EP1: AV Episode 1 (MAP01 - MAP10)Revved 58:45.002011-07-055845av01.zip752
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP08: Beast IslandRevved 12:35.002011-02-05af081235.zip751
MAP09: Castle GardensRevved 7:38.002010-03-19af09-738.zip559
MAP10: Toxic TouchRevved 11:49.002010-12-23af101149.zip781
MAP11: NemesisRevved 16:38.002011-03-06af111638.zip760
MAP12: EntropyRevved 12:12.002010-07-03af121212.zip737
MAP13: Suicidal TendenciesRevved 16:54.002010-10-29af131654.zip747
MAP14: Overwhelming OddsRevved 22:59.002011-02-06af142259.zip766
MAP16: Mutual DestructionRevved 11:46.002011-03-15af161146.zip720
MAP19: Alien ResurrectionRevved 16:55.002011-02-13af191655.zip729
MAP22: RubiconRevved 10:44.002010-07-01af221044.zip737
MAP24: Clandestine ComplexRevved 10:01.002011-02-01af241001.zip733
MAP30: Point DreadfulRevved 1:13.002010-12-23af30-113.zip765
MAP31: Killer ColoursRevved 9:53.002011-02-08af31-953.zip762
MAP32: No Guts No GloryRevved 8:18.002011-04-07af32-818.zip700
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP07: ShowdownRevved 2:52.002011-10-28ar07-252.zip819
MAP30: Point DreadfulRevved 1:06.002011-02-02ar30-106.zip796
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Fast
Episode record's
EP1: HR Episode 1 (MAP01 - MAP10)Revved 55:25.002010-02-015525hf01.zip1922
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP05: Core InfectionRevved 4:39.002011-09-15he05-439.zip795
MAP19: Everything DiesRevved 2:47.002013-01-26he19-247.zip2055
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP12: KineticsRevved 2:46.002011-06-13mm12-246.zip844
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Max
Episode record's
EP2: MM Episode 2 (MAP11 - MAP20)Revved 1:46:00.002011-06-2710600m11.zip783
Episode record's
EP3: MM Episode 3 (MAP21 - MAP30)Revved 1:43:24.002011-06-2910324m21.zip763
Memento Mori - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP24: DiehardRevved 1:25.002010-03-04mm24s125.zip508
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Tyson
MAP19: MaltraiterRevved 18:34.002011-11-09mm191834.zip756
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP07: Not That SimpleRevved 8:02.002011-05-14mm07f802.zip778
MAP11: Halls of InsanityRevved 4:09.002011-06-26mm11f409.zip562
MAP12: KineticsRevved 7:18.002010-06-25mm12f718.zip686
MAP13: The Inmost Dens IIRevved 13:01.002010-06-27mm131301.zip574
MAP13: The Inmost Dens IIRevved 8:36.002011-07-27mm13f836.zip733
MAP16: StonedRevved 11:42.002011-04-10mm161142.zip544
MAP19: MaltraiterRevved 6:38.002011-07-25mm19f638.zip714
MAP21: Twilight LabRevved 13:16.002011-04-25mm211316.zip754
MAP22: The EscapeRevved 10:51.002010-06-27mm221051.zip718
MAP23: ShowdownRevved 9:06.002011-06-26mm23f906.zip757
MAP24: DiehardRevved 4:28.002010-02-26mm24f428.zip523
MAP26: Between Scattered CorpsesRevved 4:45.002011-04-18mm26f445.zip505
MAP27: Fort HadesRevved 11:26.002010-06-26mm271126.zip746
MAP29: Island of DeathRevved 18:39.002011-02-21mm291839.zip750
MAP31: Technology BaseRevved 17:32.002011-02-12mm311732.zip713
Episode record's
EP1: MM Episode 1 (MAP01 - MAP10)Revved 1:05:59.002011-05-156559mm01.zip759
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP04: The StandRevved 6:28.002011-11-23mm04r628.zip796
MAP07: Not That SimpleRevved 6:45.002011-09-10mm07r645.zip783
MAP13: The Inmost Dens IIRevved 7:09.002011-09-16mm13r709.zip773
MAP15: KarmacomaRevved 7:48.002011-09-17mm15r748.zip759
MAP17: House of ThornRevved 4:02.002011-06-04mm17r402.zip737
MAP19: MaltraiterRevved 5:05.002011-11-19mm19r505.zip741
MAP21: Twilight LabRevved 9:29.002011-06-05mm21r929.zip727
MAP22: The EscapeRevved 7:41.002011-10-21mm22r741.zip715
MAP24: DiehardRevved 2:27.002010-05-06mm24r227.zip556
MAP27: Fort HadesRevved 6:17.002011-09-15mm27r617.zip723
MAP29: Island of DeathRevved 9:09.002011-06-26mm29r909.zip737
Memento Mori 2 - Nightmare Speed
MAP01S: Secret Operation 1Revved 43.002010-05-23m2s1n043.zip742
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Max
Episode record's
EP1: MM2 Episode 1 (MAP01 - MAP10)Revved 1:17:25.002010-11-067725m201.zip519
Memento Mori 2 - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP01S: Secret Operation 1Revved 1:13.002010-05-23m2s1s113.zip768
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Tyson
MAP01S: Secret Operation 1Revved 2:15.002010-05-23m2s1t215.zip745
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP01S: Secret Operation 1Revved 51.002010-06-09m2s1p051.zip554
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP06: TrappedRevved 16:16.002010-11-05m2061616.zip786
MAP09: Sabbath SewerRevved 19:23.002010-08-10m2091923.zip772
MAP21: SanctuaryRevved 22:22.002010-11-13m2212222.zip702
MAP31: DejaVuRevved 8:13.002010-06-09m231f813.zip733
MAP01S: Secret Operation 1Revved 1:52.002010-05-20m2s1f152.zip731
MAP02S: Secret Operation 2Revved 14:00.002011-02-15m2s21400.zip717
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP03: ...And Hell BeneathRevved 5:24.002011-11-21m203r524.zip579
MAP04: RatamahattaRevved 5:40.002011-10-20m204r540.zip795
MAP07: FrustrationRevved 7:12.002011-09-13m207r712.zip623
MAP01S: Secret Operation 1Revved 1:47.002010-05-23m2s1r147.zip784
Requiem - Ultra Violence Max
Episode record's
EP2: Requiem Episode 2 (MAP11 - MAP20)Revved 1:27:40.002010-11-218740rq11.zip777
Episode record's
EP3: Requiem Episode 3 (MAP21 - MAP30)Revved 1:32:26.002010-09-229226rq21.zip761
Requiem - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP11: Rats in the WallsRevved 3:33.002010-09-24rf11-333.zip727
MAP15: Last ResortRevved 17:21.002011-02-22rf151721.zip751
MAP17: Dens of IniquityRevved 14:24.002011-02-17rf171424.zip742
MAP18: Base of ThornRevved 8:44.002010-06-01rf18-844.zip741
MAP19: Skinny PuppyRevved 7:53.002010-06-03rf19-753.zip775
MAP21: Den of the SkullRevved 12:29.002010-09-11rf211229.zip750
MAP22: ArachnophobiaRevved 10:55.002010-08-02rf221055.zip703
MAP23: HatredRevved 12:05.002010-08-05rf231205.zip726
MAP25: Chaos ZoneRevved 3:48.002011-06-28rf25-348.zip751
MAP27: Cursed KingdomRevved 23:43.002011-02-23rf272343.zip756
MAP28: Fetals RemainsRevved 7:39.002010-06-30rf28-739.zip735
MAP29: DownerRevved 20:15.002011-02-19rf292015.zip749
Requiem - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP17: Dens of IniquityRevved 8:18.002011-12-03rr17-818.zip742
MAP18: Base of ThornRevved 5:20.002011-06-04rr18-520.zip750
MAP21: Den of the SkullRevved 8:34.002011-09-10rr21-834.zip795
MAP22: ArachnophobiaRevved 7:20.002013-01-25rr22-720.zip804
MAP25: Chaos ZoneRevved 2:31.002010-10-21rr25-231.zip707
MAP28: Fetals RemainsRevved 3:18.002011-10-27rr28-318.zip762
Classic Episode - Ultra Violence Fast
E2M2: Mars OutpostRevved 5:02.002011-01-01cf22-502.zip576
E2M6: Outpost 666Revved 8:28.002011-03-08cf26-828.zip853
E2M8: Evil RefineryRevved 8:54.002011-03-11cf28-854.zip831
E2M9: DissensionRevved 9:07.002011-04-22cf29-907.zip1520
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