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M. 'Archy' Phoenix Dailey

Date of birth: 10.09.1996, years: 28

Country: United states (US) / North America

Unique player ID: 155

Number of demos: 75

First demo: recorded on 2009-11-18

Last demo: recorded on 2015-12-31

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The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Max
E3M3: PandemoniumM. Phoenix Dailey2:12.002012-02-26e3m3-212.zip959
E4M8: Unto The CruelM. Phoenix Dailey2:19.002013-02-17u4m8-219.zip822
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Fast
E1M3: Toxin RefineryM. Phoenix Dailey2:44.002015-10-03f1m3-244.zip748
E1M3: Toxin RefineryM. Phoenix Dailey2:35.002015-12-31f1m3-235.zip2627
E1M5: Phobos LabM. Phoenix Dailey2:54.002015-08-14f1m5-254.zip690
E1M5: Phobos LabM. Phoenix Dailey2:47.002015-08-14f1m5-247.zip711
E1M5: Phobos LabM. Phoenix Dailey2:45.002015-08-15f1m5-245.zip781
E1M5: Phobos LabM. Phoenix Dailey2:40.002015-08-18f1m5-240.zip696
E1M5: Phobos LabM. Phoenix Dailey2:39.002015-08-21f1m5-239.zip897
E1M6: Central ProcessingM. Phoenix Dailey3:55.002015-08-25f1m6-355.zip664
E1M6: Central ProcessingM. Phoenix Dailey3:52.002015-08-26f1m6-352.zip683
E1M6: Central ProcessingM. Phoenix Dailey3:51.002015-08-27f1m6-351.zip666
E1M6: Central ProcessingM. Phoenix Dailey3:48.002015-08-28f1m6-348.zip671
E1M6: Central ProcessingM. Phoenix Dailey3:44.002015-09-04f1m6-344.zip899
E1M9: Military BaseM. Phoenix Dailey2:47.002015-09-06f1m9-247.zip638
E1M9: Military BaseM. Phoenix Dailey2:36.002015-09-12f1m9-236.zip631
E1M9: Military BaseM. Phoenix Dailey2:32.002015-09-13f1m9-232.zip753
E1M9: Military BaseM. Phoenix Dailey2:28.002015-09-16f1m9-228.zip658
E1M9: Military BaseM. Phoenix Dailey2:23.002015-09-20f1m9-223.zip864
E4M1: Hell BeneathM. Phoenix Dailey2:26.002012-03-04f4m1-226.zip595
E4M8: Unto The CruelM. Phoenix Dailey2:41.002013-02-16f4m8-241.zip848
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Respawn
E2M4: Deimos LabM. Phoenix Dailey3:43.002012-02-17r2m4-343.zip1567
E3M3: PandemoniumM. Phoenix Dailey2:09.002013-03-24r3m3-209.zip885
E4M8: Unto The CruelM. Phoenix Dailey1:49.002015-08-22r4m8-149.zip844
Episode record's
EP2: The Shores of Hell (E2M1 - E2M9)M. Phoenix Dailey28:38.002012-02-05e2re2838.zip829
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP03: The GantletM. Phoenix Dailey1:17.002013-03-09re03-117.zip943
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Max
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:46.002009-11-18pl11-246.zip2053
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:44.002011-12-22pl11-244.zip597
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:41.002012-02-15pl11-241.zip618
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:40.002012-03-09pl11-240.zip603
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:38.002012-03-10pl11-238.zip617
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:37.002012-03-10pl11-237.zip613
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:36.002012-03-10pl11-236.zip623
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:33.002013-02-22pl11-233.zip604
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:31.002013-03-02pl11-231.zip618
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:30.002015-07-31pl11-230.zip861
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Tyson
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey6:01.002011-04-06pt11-601.zip626
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey5:35.002011-04-08pt11-535.zip626
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey4:20.002012-02-15pt11-420.zip872
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:44.002011-03-03pf11-244.zip588
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:42.002011-03-03pf11-242.zip606
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:41.002011-05-29pf11-241.zip589
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:34.002011-06-02pf11-234.zip582
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:29.002014-03-14pf11-229.zip822
MAP18: NeurosphereM. Phoenix Dailey2:11.002013-03-12pf18-211.zip605
MAP19: NMEM. Phoenix Dailey3:51.002012-03-14pf19-351.zip591
MAP19: NMEM. Phoenix Dailey3:11.002012-03-15pf19-311.zip576
MAP19: NMEM. Phoenix Dailey2:33.002012-03-17pf19-233.zip797
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP07: CaughtyardM. Phoenix Dailey1:55.002014-03-16pr07-155.zip885
MAP11: HuntedM. Phoenix Dailey2:45.002012-02-17pr11-245.zip783
MAP18: NeurosphereM. Phoenix Dailey1:48.002013-03-11pr18-148.zip1965
MAP32: Go 2 ItM. Phoenix Dailey2:04.002012-02-22pr32-204.zip750
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP07: ShowdownM. Phoenix Dailey2:43.002013-03-30af07-243.zip825
MAP09: Castle GardensM. Phoenix Dailey7:13.002013-03-23af09-713.zip820
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP05: Crimson TideM. Phoenix Dailey2:12.002013-02-03ar05-212.zip814
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP17: The Black TowersM. Phoenix Dailey6:12.002010-01-14hr17-612.zip580
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Max
MAP06: The Round CrossroadsM. Phoenix Dailey3:50.002012-01-15hr06-350.zip590
MAP06: The Round CrossroadsM. Phoenix Dailey3:48.002012-03-18hr06-348.zip812
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP06: The Round CrossroadsM. Phoenix Dailey5:05.002009-12-11hf06-505.zip599
MAP06: The Round CrossroadsM. Phoenix Dailey4:56.002012-01-20hf06-456.zip630
MAP06: The Round CrossroadsM. Phoenix Dailey4:30.002012-03-24hf06-430.zip823
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP24: DiehardM. Phoenix Dailey4:06.002010-04-10mm24f406.zip775
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP24: DiehardM. Phoenix Dailey2:05.002012-02-04mm24r205.zip815
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP05: Rites of PassageM. Phoenix Dailey8:44.002009-12-09m205f844.zip615
MAP30: ItM. Phoenix Dailey3:06.002013-03-12m230f306.zip561
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP03: ...And Hell BeneathM. Phoenix Dailey4:58.002012-02-01m203r458.zip654
MAP05: Rites of PassageM. Phoenix Dailey4:21.002012-02-03m205r421.zip833
Requiem - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP20: The Forsaken HallM. Phoenix Dailey43.002012-03-10rf20-043.zip797
MAP30: NevermoreM. Phoenix Dailey1:15.002013-03-13rf30-115.zip810
Classic Episode - Ultra Violence Fast
E2M1: ForayM. Phoenix Dailey2:16.002012-03-11cf21-216.zip843
E2M1: ForayM. Phoenix Dailey2:15.002012-03-11cf21-215.zip851
E2M1: ForayM. Phoenix Dailey2:05.002012-03-12cf21-205.zip1065
E2M2: Mars OutpostM. Phoenix Dailey4:27.002012-03-09cf22-427.zip593
E2M2: Mars OutpostM. Phoenix Dailey4:11.002012-03-11cf22-411.zip890
Classic Episode - Ultra Violence Respawn
E2M1: ForayM. Phoenix Dailey1:33.002012-06-05cr21-133.zip1041
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