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Erik 'Alm' Alm

Country: Sweden (SE) / Europe

Unique player ID: 8

Number of demos: 73

First demo: recorded on 2002-02-27

Last demo: recorded on 2003-11-26

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Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Nightmare Speed
MAP21: SlayerErik Alm24.002002-04-24pn21-024.zip527
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP28: The SewersErik Alm1:41.002002-06-02pp28-141.zip513
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP02: Rusty RageErik Alm31.002003-01-09av02-031.zip551
MAP02: Rusty RageErik Alm30.002003-01-25av02-030.zip570
MAP02: Rusty RageErik Alm27.002003-02-01av02-027.zip862
MAP09: Castle GardensErik Alm50.002003-01-10av09-050.zip529
MAP17: NukefallErik Alm1:08.002003-01-11av17-108.zip528
MAP17: NukefallErik Alm59.002003-03-03av17-059.zip526
MAP17: NukefallErik Alm51.002003-03-04av17-051.zip534
MAP17: NukefallErik Alm44.002003-03-07av17-044.zip755
MAP23: Blood SacrificeErik Alm32.002003-05-19av23-032.zip514
MAP25: Demonic HordesErik Alm1:26.002003-02-02av25-126.zip508
MAP32: No Guts No GloryErik Alm48.002003-03-11av32-048.zip484
Alien Vendetta - Nightmare Speed
MAP01: Sunset Erik Alm34.002003-03-21an01-034.zip1750
MAP23: Blood SacrificeErik Alm1:21.002003-05-19an23-121.zip464
MAP25: Demonic HordesErik Alm1:24.002003-01-11an25-124.zip482
MAP25: Demonic HordesErik Alm1:17.002003-05-19an25-117.zip702
MAP32: No Guts No GloryErik Alm50.002003-03-11an32-050.zip458
MAP32: No Guts No GloryErik Alm44.002003-07-15an32-044.zip469
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP01: Sunset Erik Alm31.002003-01-09ap01-031.zip734
MAP01: Sunset Erik Alm30.002003-01-09ap01-030.zip731
MAP23: Blood SacrificeErik Alm34.002003-05-19ap23-034.zip472
MAP25: Demonic HordesErik Alm1:33.002003-05-16ap25-133.zip496
MAP32: No Guts No GloryErik Alm1:34.002003-03-12ap32-134.zip477
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP02: Rusty RageErik Alm2:44.002003-01-27af02-244.zip535
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP09: KnockoutErik Alm1:13.002003-01-17hr09-113.zip500
MAP09: KnockoutErik Alm1:03.002003-01-17hr09-103.zip522
MAP12: Great Halls of FireErik Alm1:09.002002-04-29hr12-109.zip476
MAP12: Great Halls of FireErik Alm1:01.002002-04-29hr12-101.zip461
MAP32: Mostly HarmfulErik Alm44.002003-06-03hr32-044.zip484
Hell Revealed - Nightmare Speed
MAP32: Mostly HarmfulErik Alm40.002003-05-31hn32-040.zip466
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP04: The Garden TerminalErik Alm1:51.002002-08-24hp04-151.zip501
MAP24: Post MortemErik Alm23.002002-05-31hp24-023.zip466
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP05: Hells KitchenErik Alm58.002002-03-29mm05-058.zip535
MAP14: AquaductErik Alm1:47.002002-04-04mm14-147.zip495
MAP14: AquaductErik Alm1:24.002002-04-04mm14-124.zip461
MAP14: AquaductErik Alm1:21.002002-04-04mm14-121.zip493
MAP14: AquaductErik Alm1:06.002002-05-01mm14-106.zip487
MAP20: Mountain DepotErik Alm1:21.002002-05-06mm20-121.zip480
MAP23: ShowdownErik Alm2:35.002002-05-04mm23-235.zip459
MAP26: Between Scattered CorpsesErik Alm2:07.002002-05-12mm26-207.zip737
Memento Mori - Nightmare Speed
MAP03: InterlockErik Alm59.002002-05-04mm03n059.zip503
MAP03: InterlockErik Alm47.002003-02-23mm03n047.zip485
MAP05: Hells KitchenErik Alm56.002002-04-25mm05n056.zip499
MAP08: And the Dead Shall RiseErik Alm31.002002-04-10mm08n031.zip500
MAP10: The MansionErik Alm28.002002-04-29mm10n028.zip469
MAP24: DiehardErik Alm29.002002-05-05mm24n029.zip489
MAP24: DiehardErik Alm26.002002-05-05mm24n026.zip496
MAP29: Island of DeathErik Alm22.002002-04-29mm29n022.zip466
MAP29: Island of DeathErik Alm21.002002-04-29mm29n021.zip488
Memento Mori - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP03: InterlockErik Alm59.002003-02-23mm03s059.zip508
MAP05: Hells KitchenErik Alm1:19.002002-04-25mm05s119.zip494
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP05: Hells KitchenErik Alm55.002002-04-25mm05p055.zip491
MAP14: AquaductErik Alm1:18.002002-05-01mm14p118.zip694
MAP24: DiehardErik Alm24.002002-05-05mm24p024.zip731
MAP29: Island of DeathErik Alm23.002002-04-29mm29p023.zip490
Memento Mori 2 - Nightmare Speed
MAP32: Dances with DemonsErik Alm1:12.002002-05-16m232n112.zip484
MAP32: Dances with DemonsErik Alm37.002002-05-17m232n037.zip504
MAP32: Dances with DemonsErik Alm32.002002-05-17m232n032.zip493
Requiem - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm1:09.002002-02-27rq25-109.zip839
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm56.002002-02-28rq25-056.zip465
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm51.002002-03-03rq25-051.zip490
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm43.002002-03-03rp25-043.zip488
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm41.002002-03-06rq25-041.zip518
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm37.002002-03-07rq25-037.zip498
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm33.002002-04-11rq25-033.zip484
MAP31: Doorway to QuakeErik Alm1:36.002002-03-15rq31-136.zip506
Requiem - Nightmare Speed
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm1:06.002002-05-16rn25-106.zip690
Requiem - Ultra Violence Max
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm2:42.002002-03-13rq25-242.zip477
Requiem - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm43.002002-03-03rp25-043.zip480
MAP25: Chaos ZoneErik Alm33.002002-04-28rp25-033.zip722
Requiem - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP32: Bitter HerbErik Alm2:11.002002-04-15rf32-211.zip463
Requiem - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP26: ExcoriationErik Alm38.002003-11-26rr26-038.zip888
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