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Jakub 'Method_man' Razak

Country: Czech republic (CZ) / Europe

Unique player ID: 89

Number of demos: 94

First demo: recorded on 1998-04-04

Last demo: recorded on 2005-08-09

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The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Pacifist
E4M2: Perfect HatredJakub Razak17.002004-02-09p4m2-017.zip906
E4M8: Unto The CruelJakub Razak1:38.002004-02-09p4m8-138.zip597
Doom 2 - Nightmare Speed
MAP21: NirvanaJakub Razak27.002003-06-27nm21-027.zip606
MAP26: The Abandoned MinesJakub Razak46.002003-07-06nm26-046.zip875
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Max
MAP23: Barrels O FunJakub Razak2:16.002004-01-25lv23-216.zip560
MAP23: Barrels O FunJakub Razak2:11.002004-02-16lv23-211.zip550
Doom 2 - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP23: Barrels O FunJakub Razak1:04.002003-01-31ns23-104.zip560
MAP24: The ChasmJakub Razak2:24.002003-02-11ns24-224.zip612
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Tyson
MAP20: Gotcha!Jakub Razak8:35.002003-12-22ty20-835.zip557
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP06: The CrusherJakub Razak1:13.002003-11-28pa06-113.zip880
MAP13: DowntownJakub Razak1:57.002003-05-05pa13-157.zip832
MAP21: NirvanaJakub Razak29.002003-06-08pa21-029.zip577
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP01: EntrywayJakub Razak45.002003-12-06fa01-045.zip728
MAP20: Gotcha!Jakub Razak4:01.002003-12-21fa20-401.zip842
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP13: DowntownJakub Razak3:51.002003-12-04re13-351.zip798
MAP19: The CitadelJakub Razak4:32.002003-12-06re19-432.zip775
MAP20: Gotcha!Jakub Razak2:47.002003-12-20re20-247.zip807
MAP26: The Abandoned MinesJakub Razak2:32.002003-12-10re26-232.zip789
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP29: River StyxJakub Razak1:58.002003-05-10ev29-158.zip592
MAP29: River StyxJakub Razak1:54.002003-05-13ev29-154.zip578
MAP29: River StyxJakub Razak1:48.002003-05-15ev29-148.zip810
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Nightmare Speed
MAP29: River StyxJakub Razak2:47.002003-07-28tn29-247.zip843
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Max
MAP07: PrisonJakub Razak6:58.002005-08-07ev07-658.zip858
MAP11: Storage FacilityJakub Razak3:42.002003-07-25ev11-342.zip581
MAP11: Storage FacilityJakub Razak3:28.002004-03-05ev11-328.zip819
MAP13: Nukage ProcessingJakub Razak4:36.002003-07-29ev13-436.zip788
MAP29: River StyxJakub Razak7:31.002003-10-05ev29-731.zip831
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP13: Nukage ProcessingJakub Razak2:37.002003-08-09es13-237.zip542
MAP13: Nukage ProcessingJakub Razak2:18.002005-02-26es13-218.zip576
MAP17: Processing AreaJakub Razak1:14.002003-07-05es17-114.zip542
MAP17: Processing AreaJakub Razak1:06.002003-07-09es17-106.zip514
MAP18: MillJakub Razak3:01.002003-11-02es18-301.zip519
MAP29: River StyxJakub Razak2:47.002003-07-28tn29-247.zip747
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP11: Storage FacilityJakub Razak4:06.002003-07-28ef11-406.zip739
MAP13: Nukage ProcessingJakub Razak5:49.002003-07-30ef13-549.zip747
MAP17: Processing AreaJakub Razak3:36.002003-07-05ef17-336.zip740
MAP30: Last CallJakub Razak4:02.002003-06-23ef30-402.zip770
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP06: Open SeasonJakub Razak2:54.002003-10-09er06-254.zip792
MAP11: Storage FacilityJakub Razak2:58.002003-07-29er11-258.zip765
MAP29: River StyxJakub Razak6:09.002003-10-11er29-609.zip828
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP09: AbattoireJakub Razak1:13.002005-02-15pl09-113.zip613
MAP28: The SewersJakub Razak1:34.002005-02-16pl28-134.zip550
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Nightmare Speed
MAP29: Odyssey of NoisesJakub Razak1:11.002003-10-15pn29-111.zip507
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Max
MAP24: The Final FrontierJakub Razak3:35.002003-10-14pl24-335.zip544
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP01: CongoJakub Razak1:05.002003-07-31ps01-105.zip745
MAP24: The Final FrontierJakub Razak1:26.002003-10-19ps24-126.zip799
MAP29: Odyssey of NoisesJakub Razak1:21.002003-10-14ps29-121.zip508
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP06: Barons LairJakub Razak1:10.002005-02-26pp06-110.zip557
MAP09: AbattoireJakub Razak1:34.002005-08-09pp09-134.zip1108
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP09: AbattoireJakub Razak3:45.002004-08-05pr09-345.zip565
MAP10: OnslaughtJakub Razak3:10.002004-08-05pr10-310.zip576
MAP24: The Final FrontierJakub Razak2:32.002003-10-14pr24-232.zip758
MAP32: Go 2 ItJakub Razak2:40.002004-08-11pr32-240.zip533
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP05: Crimson TideJakub Razak1:37.002003-03-01av05-137.zip547
MAP05: Crimson TideJakub Razak1:14.002002-08-09av05-114.zip550
MAP08: Beast IslandJakub Razak3:01.002003-03-31av08-301.zip537
MAP08: Beast IslandJakub Razak2:09.001998-04-04av08-209.zip1078
MAP11: NemesisJakub Razak51.002003-08-31av11-051.zip800
MAP12: EntropyJakub Razak2:58.002003-03-20av12-258.zip519
MAP17: NukefallJakub Razak1:00.002003-03-01av17-100.zip525
MAP17: NukefallJakub Razak46.002003-03-06av17-046.zip543
MAP18: Lake PoisonJakub Razak2:21.002003-05-27av18-221.zip788
MAP19: Alien ResurrectionJakub Razak4:34.002003-07-04av19-434.zip536
MAP29: Fire Walk With MeJakub Razak3:01.002003-03-21av29-301.zip496
MAP29: Fire Walk With MeJakub Razak2:44.002003-03-28av29-244.zip493
MAP29: Fire Walk With MeJakub Razak2:08.002003-03-30av29-208.zip507
MAP30: Point DreadfulJakub Razak1:02.002003-07-26av30-102.zip526
Alien Vendetta - Nightmare Speed
MAP11: NemesisJakub Razak1:32.002003-08-31an11-132.zip820
MAP23: Blood SacrificeJakub Razak1:03.002003-06-24an23-103.zip521
MAP25: Demonic HordesJakub Razak1:20.002003-05-11an25-120.zip506
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Max
MAP19: Alien ResurrectionJakub Razak15:21.002003-08-30av191521.zip549
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP25: Demonic HordesJakub Razak2:35.002003-05-11ap25-235.zip551
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP05: Crimson TideJakub Razak3:10.002004-03-05af05-310.zip544
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP05: Crimson TideJakub Razak2:14.002003-09-07ar05-214.zip564
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP24: Post MortemJakub Razak20.002003-07-09hr24-020.zip523
MAP24: Post MortemJakub Razak18.002003-10-05hr24-018.zip498
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP10: Chambers of WarJakub Razak3:10.002003-10-07he10-310.zip797
MAP21: SiegeJakub Razak3:26.002003-10-08he21-326.zip799
Scythe - No monsters
EP3: Scythe Episode 3 (MAP21 - MAP30)Jakub Razak3:55.002003-11-250355sc21.zip1050
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP20: Mountain DepotJakub Razak1:11.002003-12-20mm20-111.zip753
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Max
MAP20: Mountain DepotJakub Razak7:19.002003-12-28mm20-719.zip732
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP09: Sabbath SewerJakub Razak56.002003-10-28m209-056.zip808
MAP26: Base ExposureJakub Razak3:05.002003-05-07m226-305.zip761
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Max
MAP30: ItJakub Razak2:08.002003-10-06m230-208.zip759
Requiem - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP03: Poison ProcessingJakub Razak1:43.002002-12-18rq03-143.zip557
MAP03: Poison ProcessingJakub Razak1:38.002002-12-28rq03-138.zip549
MAP12: Militant ReprisalJakub Razak1:52.002002-12-29rq12-152.zip503
MAP28: Fetals RemainsJakub Razak1:24.002003-03-06rq28-124.zip481
MAP28: Fetals RemainsJakub Razak1:02.002003-08-11rq28-102.zip509
MAP28: Fetals RemainsJakub Razak59.002003-09-21rq28-059.zip739
Requiem - Ultra Violence Max
MAP10: The Black GateJakub Razak3:51.002002-12-18rq10-351.zip572
MAP10: The Black GateJakub Razak3:42.002002-12-25rq10-342.zip785
Requiem - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP25: Chaos ZoneJakub Razak4:58.002002-12-29rf25-458.zip515
Classic Episode - Ultra Violence Speed
E2M1: ForayJakub Razak28.002005-01-28cl21-028.zip845
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