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Laszlo 'Waldon' Vecsei

Country: Hungary (HU) / Europe

Unique player ID: 140

Number of demos: 31

First demo: recorded on 2000-10-23

Last demo: recorded on 2002-12-14

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The Ultimate Doom - Nightmare Speed
E2M8: Tower Of BabelLaszlo Vecsei31.002000-10-26n2m8-031.zip636
E2M8: Tower Of BabelLaszlo Vecsei30.002002-02-07n2m8-030.zip903
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Max
E2M8: Tower Of BabelLaszlo Vecsei32.002000-10-23e2m8-032.zip1054
E2M8: Tower Of BabelLaszlo Vecsei31.002000-10-25e2m8-031.zip879
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Fast
E2M8: Tower Of BabelLaszlo Vecsei31.002000-10-27f2m8-031.zip845
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP15: Industrial ZoneLaszlo Vecsei1:34.002001-06-02lv15-134.zip569
MAP15: Industrial ZoneLaszlo Vecsei1:28.002001-06-09lv15-128.zip585
MAP15: Industrial ZoneLaszlo Vecsei1:26.002001-10-03lv15-126.zip594
MAP15: Industrial ZoneLaszlo Vecsei1:23.002001-12-18lv15-123.zip589
MAP15: Industrial ZoneLaszlo Vecsei1:22.002002-03-05lv15-122.zip913
Doom 2 - Nightmare Speed
MAP15: Industrial ZoneLaszlo Vecsei1:53.002002-04-04nm15-153.zip848
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Tyson
MAP32: GrosseLaszlo Vecsei1:08.002000-11-19ty32-108.zip842
Doom 2 - Misc
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP13: Nukage ProcessingLaszlo Vecsei1:09.002002-11-24ev13-109.zip532
MAP13: Nukage ProcessingLaszlo Vecsei1:07.002002-12-09ev13-107.zip562
MAP13: Nukage ProcessingLaszlo Vecsei1:04.002002-12-10ev13-104.zip542
MAP13: Nukage ProcessingLaszlo Vecsei1:02.002002-12-14ev13-102.zip990
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Nightmare Speed
MAP03: Power ControlLaszlo Vecsei1:58.002001-08-04tn03-158.zip536
MAP03: Power ControlLaszlo Vecsei1:53.002001-08-05tn03-153.zip544
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Max
MAP24: QuarryLaszlo Vecsei1:52.002000-11-26ev24-152.zip570
MAP24: QuarryLaszlo Vecsei1:44.002000-12-30ev24-144.zip770
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP03: Power ControlLaszlo Vecsei2:21.002002-02-07es03-221.zip565
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP01: System ControlLaszlo Vecsei53.002001-10-19er01-053.zip783
MAP01: System ControlLaszlo Vecsei51.002001-10-19er01-051.zip754
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP14: AquaductLaszlo Vecsei1:11.002002-04-29mm14-111.zip503
MAP14: AquaductLaszlo Vecsei1:02.002002-05-02mm14-102.zip502
Requiem - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP25: Chaos ZoneLaszlo Vecsei32.002002-04-10rq25-032.zip546
MAP25: Chaos ZoneLaszlo Vecsei31.002002-04-11rq25-031.zip799
Requiem - Nightmare Speed
MAP02: SacrificiumLaszlo Vecsei32.002001-03-27rn02-032.zip563
Classic Episode - Ultra Violence Speed
E2M1: ForayLaszlo Vecsei38.002001-03-26cl21-038.zip812
E2M1: ForayLaszlo Vecsei32.002001-03-26cl21-032.zip846
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