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Vaclav 'Bolton' Kunes

Date of birth: 08.05.1980, years: 44

Country: Czech republic (CZ) / Europe

Unique player ID: 18

Number of demos: 27

First demo: recorded on 1999-12-22

Last demo: recorded on 2001-12-30

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The Ultimate Doom - Nightmare Speed
E2M3: RefineryVaclav Kunes29.002001-11-30n2m3-029.zip916
The Ultimate Doom - Nightmare 100% Secrets
E2M3: RefineryVaclav Kunes45.002001-12-06n2s3-045.zip887
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Pacifist
E2M3: RefineryVaclav Kunes32.002001-11-22p2m3-032.zip860
E2M7: Spawning VatsVaclav Kunes21.002001-10-30p2m7-021.zip557
E4M5: They Will RepentVaclav Kunes30.002001-11-12p4m5-030.zip835
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP09: The PitVaclav Kunes1:04.002000-01-06lv09-104.zip567
MAP09: The PitVaclav Kunes1:01.002001-07-24lv09-101.zip903
MAP29: The Living EndVaclav Kunes1:50.002000-03-26lv29-150.zip566
MAP29: The Living EndVaclav Kunes1:46.002000-12-06lv29-146.zip537
Doom 2 - Nightmare Speed
MAP10: Refueling BaseVaclav Kunes34.002001-12-10nm10-034.zip846
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP05: The Waste TunnelsVaclav Kunes27.001999-12-22pa05-027.zip1114
MAP06: The CrusherVaclav Kunes1:22.002001-10-10pa06-122.zip564
MAP08: Tricks And TrapsVaclav Kunes25.002000-01-23pa08-025.zip586
MAP09: The PitVaclav Kunes1:16.002000-01-02pa09-116.zip577
MAP09: The PitVaclav Kunes1:12.002001-10-24pa09-112.zip573
MAP09: The PitVaclav Kunes1:06.002001-10-26pa09-106.zip846
MAP10: Refueling BaseVaclav Kunes28.002001-12-23pa10-028.zip855
MAP13: DowntownVaclav Kunes2:04.002001-10-29pa13-204.zip517
MAP29: The Living EndVaclav Kunes2:56.002001-12-30pa29-256.zip945
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP01: System ControlVaclav Kunes29.002001-01-04ev01-029.zip774
MAP02: Human BBQVaclav Kunes59.002001-01-08ev02-059.zip599
MAP03: Power ControlVaclav Kunes1:02.002001-01-03ev03-102.zip585
MAP28: HeckVaclav Kunes1:24.002001-01-08ev28-124.zip568
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Max
MAP01: System ControlVaclav Kunes52.002001-01-07ev01-052.zip861
Classic Episode - Ultra Violence Speed
E2M7: A Place of SinVaclav Kunes31.002001-10-16cl27-031.zip551
E2M7: A Place of SinVaclav Kunes26.002001-10-23cl27-026.zip868
Classic Episode - Ultra Violence Pacifist
E2M7: A Place of SinVaclav Kunes32.002001-10-16cp27-032.zip838
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