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Kimo 'Kimo Xvirus' Xvirus

Country: Egypt (EG) / Africa

Unique player ID: 77

Number of demos: 71

First demo: recorded on 2009-01-03

Last demo: recorded on 2013-07-27

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The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Speed
Episode record's
EP3: Inferno (E3M1 - E3M9)Kimo Xvirus3:48.002010-06-12ep3-0348.zip937
The Ultimate Doom - Nightmare Speed
E3M8: DisKimo Xvirus18.002009-07-21n3m8-018.zip967
E4M7: And Hell FollowedKimo Xvirus10.002012-01-10n4m7-010.zip943
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Max
E3M1: Hell KeepKimo Xvirus1:06.002010-04-08e3m1-106.zip683
E3M1: Hell KeepKimo Xvirus1:02.002012-01-01e3m1-102.zip984
The Ultimate Doom - Nightmare 100% Secrets
E3M6: Mt. ErebusKimo Xvirus18.002009-09-01n3s6-018.zip933
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Pacifist
E3M8: DisKimo Xvirus1:02.002009-07-22p3m8-102.zip892
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Fast
E3M1: Hell KeepKimo Xvirus1:08.002012-01-01f3m1-108.zip865
Doom 2 - Nightmare Speed
MAP07: Dead SimpleKimo Xvirus19.002009-02-15nm07-019.zip634
MAP07: Dead SimpleKimo Xvirus10.002009-06-21nm07-010.zip928
Doom 2 - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP32: GrosseKimo Xvirus24.002011-11-24ns32-024.zip918
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP05: The Waste TunnelsKimo Xvirus25.002009-06-28pa05-025.zip864
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Nightmare Speed
MAP22: HabitatKimo Xvirus17.002009-08-28tn22-017.zip850
MAP31: PharaohKimo Xvirus28.002009-06-16tn31-028.zip805
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP25: The Temple of DarknessKimo Xvirus33.002009-07-20pl25-033.zip583
MAP26: BunkerKimo Xvirus45.002009-07-27pl26-045.zip849
MAP32: Go 2 ItKimo Xvirus52.002009-07-20pl32-052.zip880
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Nightmare Speed
MAP07: CaughtyardKimo Xvirus23.002009-04-19pn07-023.zip565
MAP11: HuntedKimo Xvirus51.002009-07-24pn11-051.zip764
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP26: BunkerKimo Xvirus45.002009-07-27pl26-045.zip773
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP01: Sunset Kimo Xvirus28.002009-04-12ap01-028.zip1070
MAP23: Blood SacrificeKimo Xvirus28.002009-04-12av23-028.zip818
MAP29: Fire Walk With MeKimo Xvirus1:14.002009-07-14av29-114.zip804
MAP30: Point DreadfulKimo Xvirus58.002009-04-16av30-058.zip869
MAP32: No Guts No GloryKimo Xvirus46.002009-04-13av32-046.zip817
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Max
MAP30: Point DreadfulKimo Xvirus58.002009-04-16av30-058.zip799
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP01: Sunset Kimo Xvirus28.002009-04-12ap01-028.zip1031
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP19: Everything DiesKimo Xvirus23.002009-07-25hr19-023.zip852
MAP21: SiegeKimo Xvirus24.002011-12-31hr21-024.zip851
MAP24: Post MortemKimo Xvirus17.002011-12-31hr24-017.zip879
Hell Revealed - Nightmare Speed
MAP01: Into the GateKimo Xvirus8.002009-12-16hn01-008.zip977
MAP21: SiegeKimo Xvirus24.002011-12-31hn21-024.zip820
MAP24: Post MortemKimo Xvirus19.002011-12-31hn24-019.zip818
MAP28: Top HellKimo Xvirus13.002011-12-31hn28-013.zip867
Hell Revealed - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP21: SiegeKimo Xvirus25.002011-12-31hs21-025.zip901
Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP19: Everything DiesKimo Xvirus23.002009-07-25hp19-023.zip840
MAP21: SiegeKimo Xvirus24.002011-12-31hp21-024.zip860
MAP26: AfterlifeKimo Xvirus4.002011-12-30hp26-004.zip882
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP23: ShowdownKimo Xvirus1:33.002009-04-18mm23-133.zip854
Memento Mori - Nightmare Speed
MAP01: The TeleporterKimo Xvirus52.002009-01-03mm01n052.zip2292
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Max
MAP03: InterlockKimo Xvirus1:01.002010-06-15mm03-101.zip613
MAP03: InterlockKimo Xvirus58.002010-11-15mm03-058.zip831
MAP08: And the Dead Shall RiseKimo Xvirus2:17.002010-06-15mm08-217.zip780
Memento Mori - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP01: The TeleporterKimo Xvirus52.002009-01-03mm01n052.zip1058
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Tyson
MAP01: The TeleporterKimo Xvirus5:37.002010-06-15mm01t537.zip799
Memento Mori - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP01: The TeleporterKimo Xvirus1:01.002010-06-15mm01r101.zip1058
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP01: OutpostKimo Xvirus21.002009-04-17m201-021.zip1080
MAP02: The Feeding PitKimo Xvirus35.002009-07-15m202-035.zip897
MAP05: Rites of PassageKimo Xvirus55.002009-07-15m205-055.zip886
MAP17: No OneKimo Xvirus1:03.002009-12-16m217-103.zip842
MAP20: The ExperimentKimo Xvirus44.002009-12-16m220-044.zip749
Memento Mori 2 - Nightmare Speed
MAP27: The SilosKimo Xvirus25.002009-04-16m227n025.zip584
MAP27: The SilosKimo Xvirus24.002009-06-18m227n024.zip791
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Max
MAP01: OutpostKimo Xvirus1:16.002010-04-09m201-116.zip869
MAP01: OutpostKimo Xvirus1:14.002013-07-27m201-114.zip2440
MAP02: The Feeding PitKimo Xvirus1:00.002010-04-09m202-100.zip602
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP05: Rites of PassageKimo Xvirus55.002009-07-15m205-055.zip829
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP01: OutpostKimo Xvirus1:24.002010-04-09m201f124.zip1089
Memento Mori 2 - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP01: OutpostKimo Xvirus1:12.002010-04-09m201r112.zip1020
Requiem - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP30: NevermoreKimo Xvirus15.002009-12-14rq30-015.zip822
MAP32: Bitter HerbKimo Xvirus13.002009-08-29rq32-013.zip833
Requiem - Nightmare Speed
MAP01: The GatewayKimo Xvirus11.002009-12-21rn01-011.zip1002
MAP20: The Forsaken HallKimo Xvirus12.002009-08-29rn20-012.zip798
MAP30: NevermoreKimo Xvirus17.002009-08-29rn30-017.zip794
Requiem - Ultra Violence Max
MAP26: ExcoriationKimo Xvirus35.002009-12-12rq26-035.zip625
MAP26: ExcoriationKimo Xvirus33.002009-12-13rq26-033.zip770
MAP30: NevermoreKimo Xvirus49.002009-12-12rq30-049.zip821
Requiem - Nightmare 100% Secrets
MAP32: Bitter HerbKimo Xvirus15.002009-08-29rs32-015.zip833
Requiem - Ultra Violence Fast
MAP26: ExcoriationKimo Xvirus38.002009-12-13rf26-038.zip742
Requiem - Ultra Violence Respawn
MAP26: ExcoriationKimo Xvirus28.002009-12-13rr26-028.zip738
MAP30: NevermoreKimo Xvirus41.002009-12-12rr30-041.zip775
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