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Doom 2 - No monsters
ALL: Doom 2 Hell On Earth (MAP01 - MAP30)Looper 18:12.402011-09-2630no1812.zip877
ALL: Doom 2 Hell On Earth (MAP01 - MAP30)Looper 19:29.632010-12-0130no1929.zip876
MAP32: GrosseAdam Hegyi12.881998-08-24d3201288.zip830
MAP31S: Wolfenstein Secret ExitLooper 32.142011-12-18d31s3214.zip849
MAP31: WolfensteinLooper 29.462014-02-10d3102946.zip908
MAP30: Icon Of SinAdam Hegyi30.972000-05-08d3003097.zip819
MAP29: The Living EndLooper 1:23.512012-01-19d2912351.zip841
MAP28: The Spirit WorldLooper 34.802011-12-11d2803480.zip811
MAP27: Monster CondoLooper 32.972011-12-08d2703297.zip809
MAP26: The Abandoned MinesLooper 29.972011-08-26d2602997.zip830
MAP25: BloodfallsLooper 38.712011-08-28d2503871.zip821
MAP24: The ChasmLooper 32.942011-07-08d2403294.zip987
MAP23: Barrels O FunLooper 32.942011-12-12d2303294.zip876
MAP22: The CatacombsLooper 18.632014-05-07d2201863.zip878
MAP21: NirvanaAdam Hegyi38.601999-10-04d2103860.zip824
MAP20: Gotcha!Looper 33.802011-10-24d2003380.zip869
MAP19: The CitadelMarijo Sedlić37.822000-05-22d1903782.zip834
MAP18: The CourtyardLooper 20.832012-01-12d1802083.zip888
MAP17: TenementsLooper 1:25.942011-12-02d1712594.zip943
MAP16: SuburbsLooper 10.862012-01-25d1601086.zip890
MAP15S: Industrial Zone Secret ExitLooper 27.892011-06-28d15s2789.zip852
MAP15: Industrial ZoneAdam Hegyi29.571999-05-09d1502957.zip839
MAP14: The Inmost DensLooper 19.492014-08-07d1401949.zip933
MAP13: DowntownLooper 55.972012-01-08d1305597.zip857
MAP12: The FactoryArno Slagboom51.661999-10-09d1205166.zip757
MAP11: Circle Of DeathLooper 28.972012-01-11d1102897.zip893
MAP10: Refueling BaseLooper 23.942012-01-11d1002394.zip868
MAP09: The PitLooper 47.432011-05-31d0904743.zip882
MAP08: Tricks And TrapsMarijo Sedlić18.452000-05-22d0801845.zip888
MAP07: Dead SimpleAdam Hegyi47.142000-03-13d0704714.zip856
MAP06: The CrusherLooper 45.832011-06-30d0604583.zip969
MAP05: The Waste TunnelsLooper 23.432011-12-03d0502343.zip931
MAP04: The FocusLooper 19.972014-06-04d0401997.zip961
MAP03: The GantletLooper 21.912011-09-25d0302191.zip945
MAP02: UnderhallsIan Sabourin24.972001-11-22d0202497.zip1286
MAP01: EntrywayJuho Ruohonen5.252001-02-23d0100525.zip966
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