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Hell Revealed - Ultra Violence Max
EP1: HR Episode 1 (MAP01 - MAP10)Vdgg 37:43.002016-02-163743hr01.zip1707
MAP32: Mostly HarmfulAnders Johnsen4:14.002000-05-19hr32-414.zip757
MAP31: The DescentChris Ratcliff6:42.002012-05-03hr31-642.zip808
MAP30: Hell RevealedCasey Alvis1:21.002013-04-17hr30-121.zip787
MAP29: Temple of FearEsko Koskimaa10:56.001998-03-28hr291056.zip800
MAP28: Top HellDrew DeVore5:43.002002-05-31hr28-543.zip916
MAP27: CyberpunkAnders Johnsen6:36.001999-02-14hr27-636.zip769
MAP26: AfterlifeDrew DeVore19:44.002002-06-03hr261944.zip789
MAP25: Dead ProgressiveAdam Hegyi4:14.001999-02-18hr25-414.zip764
MAP24: Post MortemEugene Kapustin13:15.002003-08-24hr241315.zip870
MAP23: Ascending to the StarsDrew DeVore13:53.002002-06-07hr231353.zip851
MAP22: Resistance is FutileDrew DeVore8:03.002002-06-15hr22-803.zip775
MAP21: SiegeDoug Merrill8:09.002001-07-16hr21-809.zip749
MAP20: Judgement DayChris Ratcliff12:33.002003-10-28hr201233.zip809
MAP19: Everything DiesRadek Pecka2:49.002001-04-03hr19-249.zip800
MAP18: Hard AttackChris Ratcliff22:06.002000-12-31hr182206.zip793
MAP17: The Black TowersChris Ratcliff11:44.002002-06-10hr171144.zip803
MAP16: The PathChris Ratcliff10:16.002017-12-08hr161016.zip1137
MAP15: Gates to HellPrzemysław Woda10:00.002007-09-03hr151000.zip855
MAP14: City in the CloudsPrzemysław Woda11:27.002005-10-06hr141127.zip1116
MAP13: Last Look at EdenPrzemysław Woda10:36.002007-09-05hr131036.zip1119
MAP12: Great Halls of FireAnders Johnsen5:52.002000-05-19hr12-552.zip774
MAP11: Underground BaseRadek Pecka15:23.002001-04-06hr111523.zip830
MAP10: Chambers of WarAnders Johnsen3:44.002000-05-17hr10-344.zip768
MAP09: KnockoutRadek Pecka10:05.002002-04-07hr091005.zip845
MAP08: The JailAnders Johnsen3:59.002000-05-17hr08-359.zip839
MAP07: ArachnophobiaAdam Hegyi4:31.001999-03-09hr07-431.zip808
MAP06: The Round CrossroadsM. Phoenix Dailey3:48.002012-03-18hr06-348.zip831
MAP05: Core InfectionKyle McAwesome3:25.002012-01-21hr05-325.zip857
MAP04: The Garden TerminalAleksey Kamenev1:21.002014-07-06hr04-121.zip895
MAP03: The DumpsterRadek Pecka2:01.002003-10-31hr03-201.zip844
MAP02: Gateway LabDrew DeVore2:05.002013-07-06hr02-205.zip958
MAP01: Into the GateLaszlo Gere1:16.002014-02-15hr01-116.zip1762
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