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Jim 'Xit Vono' Leonard

Date of birth: 21.06.1981, years: 43

Country: United states (US) / North America

Unique player ID: 137

Number of demos(coop): 71

First demo: recorded on 2004-02-29

Last demo: recorded on 2005-10-24

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The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Speed
E1M2: Nuclear PlantJim Leonard24.002004-02-29c1s2-024.zip338
E2M1: Deimos AnomalyJim Leonard31.002004-03-06c2s1-031.zip282
E2M5: Command CenterJim Leonard29.002004-02-29c2s5-029.zip274
E2M6: Halls Of The DamnedJim Leonard1:02.002004-02-29c2s6-102.zip221
E2M6: Halls Of The DamnedJim Leonard55.002004-03-06c2s6-055.zip226
E3M1: Hell KeepJim Leonard29.002004-03-06c3s1-029.zip192
E3M1: Hell KeepJim Leonard28.002004-05-04c3s1-028.zip274
E4M1: Hell BeneathJim Leonard27.002004-05-09c4s1-027.zip267
Episode record's
EP1: Knee-Deep in the Dead (E1M1 - E1M9)Jim Leonard4:52.002004-03-06cp1-0452.zip251
EP2: The Shores of Hell (E2M1 - E2M9)Jim Leonard3:59.002004-03-06cp2-0359.zip222
EP3: Inferno (E3M1 - E3M9)Jim Leonard3:46.002004-05-02cp3-0346.zip281
EP4: Thy Flesh Consumed (E4M1 - E4M9)Jim Leonard3:59.002004-05-09cp4-0359.zip339
The Ultimate Doom - Nightmare Speed
E1M1: HangarJim Leonard9.002004-05-01c1n1-009.zip455
E1M2: Nuclear PlantJim Leonard25.002004-07-31c1n2-025.zip320
E1M3: Toxin RefineryJim Leonard1:15.002004-03-27c1n3-115.zip302
E1M3S: Toxin Refinery Secret ExitJim Leonard1:21.002004-03-27c1n3s121.zip292
E1M5: Phobos LabJim Leonard2:00.002004-03-27c1n5-200.zip264
E1M6: Central ProcessingJim Leonard2:34.002005-01-24c1n6-234.zip282
E1M7: Computer StationJim Leonard2:42.002005-01-24c1n7-242.zip306
E1M9: Military BaseJim Leonard1:47.002005-01-24c1n9-147.zip285
E2M3: RefineryJim Leonard1:09.002005-01-24c2n3-109.zip234
E2M4: Deimos LabJim Leonard45.002005-01-24c2n4-045.zip288
E2M5: Command CenterJim Leonard35.002005-01-24c2n5-035.zip277
E2M6: Halls Of The DamnedJim Leonard2:43.002005-01-24c2n6-243.zip277
E2M7: Spawning VatsJim Leonard43.002005-01-24c2n7-043.zip193
E3M1: Hell KeepJim Leonard43.002004-08-07c3n1-043.zip266
E3M3: PandemoniumJim Leonard32.002005-01-24c3n3-032.zip239
E3M4: House Of PainJim Leonard1:16.002005-01-24c3n4-116.zip275
E3M5: Unholy CathedralJim Leonard27.002005-01-24c3n5-027.zip267
E3M9: WarrensJim Leonard1:11.002005-01-24c3n9-111.zip270
E4M2: Perfect HatredJim Leonard40.002005-01-24c4n2-040.zip252
E4M2S: Perfect Hatred Secret ExitJim Leonard36.002005-01-24c4n2s036.zip268
E4M5: They Will RepentJim Leonard1:00.002005-01-24c4n5-100.zip308
E4M9: FearJim Leonard19.002005-01-24c4n9-019.zip297
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Max
E2M3: RefineryJim Leonard1:50.002005-01-24c2m3-150.zip282
E2M4: Deimos LabJim Leonard3:11.002005-01-24c2m4-311.zip256
E2M5: Command CenterJim Leonard3:00.002005-01-24c2m5-300.zip256
E2M6: Halls Of The DamnedJim Leonard4:06.002004-04-06c2m6-406.zip286
The Ultimate Doom - Nightmare 100% Secrets
Episode record's
EP1: Knee-Deep in the Dead (E1M1 - E1M9)Jim Leonard12:23.002004-08-07cx1-1223.zip397
Episode record's
EP2: The Shores of Hell (E2M1 - E2M9)Jim Leonard12:56.002004-08-07cx2-1256.zip374
Episode record's
EP3: Inferno (E3M1 - E3M9)Jim Leonard8:08.002004-08-07cx3-0808.zip369
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP14: The Inmost DensJim Leonard38.002004-05-31cs14-038.zip305
MAP18: The CourtyardJim Leonard22.002004-05-31cs18-022.zip299
MAP23: Barrels O FunJim Leonard51.002004-05-31cs23-051.zip333
MAP31S: Wolfenstein Secret ExitJim Leonard33.002004-06-26cs31s033.zip282
Doom 2 - Nightmare Speed
MAP10: Refueling BaseJim Leonard37.002004-05-09cn10-037.zip288
MAP12: The FactoryJim Leonard51.002004-05-09cn12-051.zip282
MAP15: Industrial ZoneJim Leonard3:36.002004-05-09cn15-336.zip248
MAP31: WolfensteinJim Leonard31.002004-06-26cn31-031.zip292
MAP31S: Wolfenstein Secret ExitJim Leonard34.002004-06-26cn31s034.zip278
Episode record's
EP1: Episode 1 (MAP01 - MAP10)Jim Leonard7:09.002004-06-200709cn01.zip169
Episode record's
EP1: Episode 1 (MAP01 - MAP10)Jim Leonard6:10.002004-07-310610cn01.zip279
Movie record's
ALL: Doom 2 Hell On Earth (MAP01 - MAP30)Jim Leonard35:19.002004-07-3130cn3519.zip286
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Max
MAP03: The GantletJim Leonard39.002005-01-24cm03-039.zip297
MAP04: The FocusJim Leonard47.002005-01-24cm04-047.zip338
MAP05: The Waste TunnelsJim Leonard1:38.002005-01-24cm05-138.zip294
MAP11: Circle Of DeathJim Leonard2:10.002005-01-24cm11-210.zip288
MAP14: The Inmost DensJim Leonard1:37.002005-01-24cm14-137.zip227
MAP16: SuburbsJim Leonard2:49.002004-03-21cm16-249.zip292
MAP19: The CitadelJim Leonard4:06.002004-03-20cm19-406.zip284
MAP24: The ChasmJim Leonard4:10.002005-10-24cm24-410.zip257
MAP26: The Abandoned MinesJim Leonard3:07.002005-01-24cm26-307.zip274
MAP27: Monster CondoJim Leonard3:51.002005-01-24cm27-351.zip259
MAP28: The Spirit WorldJim Leonard2:48.002005-01-24cm28-248.zip312
MAP31S: Wolfenstein Secret ExitJim Leonard1:53.002005-01-24cm31s153.zip282
Movie record's
ALL: Doom 2 Hell On Earth (MAP01 - MAP30)Jim Leonard1:10:57.002004-05-2230cm7057.zip315
Doom 2 - Nightmare 100% Secrets
Episode record's
EP1: Episode 1 (MAP01 - MAP10)Jim Leonard12:20.002004-08-081220cx01.zip508
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Fast
Movie record's
ALL: Doom 2 Hell On Earth (MAP01 - MAP30)Jim Leonard1:46:45.002004-06-2030cf10645.zip380
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP22: HabitatJim Leonard17.002004-04-11ec22-017.zip343
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Nightmare Speed
MAP22: HabitatJim Leonard17.002004-04-11en22-017.zip400
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP22: HabitatJim Leonard17.002004-04-19ep22-017.zip428
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