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JC 'JC' Dorne

Date of birth: 20.04.1993, years: 31

Country: France (FR) / Europe

Unique player ID: 150

Number of demos(coop): 39

First demo: recorded on 2013-03-13

Last demo: recorded on 2016-12-15

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The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Speed
E1M8: Phobos AnomalyJC Dorne19.372015-03-04c1s8-019.zip358
E2M6: Halls Of The DamnedJC Dorne24.002013-04-15c2s6-024.zip341
E2M7: Spawning VatsJC Dorne10.002013-03-16c2s7-010.zip301
E2M9: Fortress Of MysteryJC Dorne7.002014-06-24c2s9-007.zip308
E3M6S: Mt. Erebus Secret ExitJC Dorne6.002014-06-24c3s6s006.zip303
E3M7: Gate To LimboJC Dorne42.002013-06-26c3s7-042.zip299
Episode record's
EP2: The Shores of Hell (E2M1 - E2M9)JC Dorne3:43.002013-06-25cp2-0343.zip340
The Ultimate Doom - Nightmare Speed
E2M1: Deimos AnomalyJC Dorne36.002013-06-27c2n1-036.zip317
E2M7: Spawning VatsJC Dorne11.002013-10-09c2n7-011.zip312
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Max
E3M6: Mt. ErebusJC Dorne2:00.002013-04-15c3m6-200.zip333
E3M7: Gate To LimboJC Dorne1:49.002013-10-10c3m7-149.zip318
E4M3: Sever The WickedJC Dorne2:16.002013-10-20c4m3-216.zip311
E4M5: They Will RepentJC Dorne1:32.002013-10-23c4m5-132.zip262
E4M6: Against Thee WickedlyJC Dorne2:30.002014-07-12c4m6-230.zip278
E4M9: FearJC Dorne1:47.002013-11-03c4m9-147.zip293
The Ultimate Doom - Nightmare 100% Secrets
E2M2: Containment AreaJC Dorne1:27.002013-06-30c2x2-127.zip389
E2M6: Halls Of The DamnedJC Dorne45.002013-06-27c2x6-045.zip383
E4M3: Sever The WickedJC Dorne28.002013-07-01c4x3-028.zip391
E4M4: Unruly EvilJC Dorne29.862014-12-16c4x4-029.zip406
The Ultimate Doom - Ultra Violence Tyson
E1M1: HangarJC Dorne27.002014-06-15c1t1-027.zip465
Doom 2 - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP11: Circle Of DeathJC Dorne32.002015-10-13cs11-032.zip288
MAP32: GrosseJC Dorne9.002013-03-13cs32-009.zip327
Doom 2 - Nightmare Speed
MAP07: Dead SimpleJC Dorne10.002013-10-08cn07-010.zip256
MAP07: Dead SimpleJC Dorne6.002015-10-06cn07-006.zip315
MAP32: GrosseJC Dorne10.002013-12-04cn32-010.zip334
Final Doom, TNT: Evilution - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP02: Human BBQJC Dorne8.662015-02-26ec02-008.zip379
MAP04: WormholeJC Dorne10.002014-02-10ec04-010.zip367
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP01: CongoJC Dorne7.002013-11-03pc18-007.zip387
MAP01: CongoJC Dorne5.002013-04-10pc01-005.zip489
MAP02: Well of SoulsJC Dorne1:02.002013-12-17pc02-102.zip378
MAP04: CagedJC Dorne16.172016-12-15pc04-016.zip720
MAP06: Barons LairJC Dorne44.002014-02-19pc06-044.zip361
MAP13: The CryptJC Dorne22.002013-10-09pc13-022.zip317
MAP14: GenesisJC Dorne6.002013-10-08pc14-006.zip345
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Nightmare Speed
MAP01: CongoJC Dorne6.002013-07-19pn01c006.zip435
MAP14: GenesisJC Dorne5.002014-02-22pn14c005.zip402
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Max
MAP01: CongoJC Dorne1:53.002013-12-05pm01c153.zip424
Final Doom, The Plutonia Experiment - Ultra Violence Pacifist
MAP01: CongoJC Dorne5.002013-04-10pp01-005.zip509
Alien Vendetta - Ultra Violence Speed
MAP20: Misri HalekJC Dorne3:27.342014-07-12ac20-327.zip422
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