Vincent 'PerOxyd' Catalaa

1. General information

Your name:
Vincent Catalaá
You live in (city & country):
Saint Jean near Toulouse in France.
Your birthdate (or age):
12 of April 1977
Your occupation/job/studies:
After High School I did two years of biology. Now i'm studying oenology for the next two years.
Your hobbies:
obviously DooM... else i shouldn't be here :) besides that i like to taste a lot of wines with my friends (also oenology students :). Almost every saturday i play to Magic with other guys (it's a strategy card game). I do some sport when i have time. And i like to make levels or tweak things for wads creators. I listen to music, play tennis...
Anything you want to add here (about yourself):
Besides DooM i also like Duke3D and Heretic... they are nice to speedrun.

2. DOOM-related information

Your DOOM config (key bindings, controllers):
Forward = right mouse button
Backward = Z
Left, Right = Mouse
Fire = left mouse button
Open = Space
Run = left shift
Strafe left = A
Strafe right = S
Strafe 50 = ALT assigned to both strafe and turn left or right

n.b. : i use a very low vertical sensitivity while under DOS.

My computers :
- P3-450 , TNT2 Ultra , 128 Mo
- Celeron 400 , TNT2 M64 , 64 Mo
both with 100mb RJ45 Network Cards

Size of DOOM directory on your HD:
Doom1 + Doom2 + TNT + Plutonia = 200 Mo and about 400 Mo of others things like : addons, directories for doom editing and demos.
First contact to COMPET-N (when, how etc.):
I was having a look at FTP.CDROM.COM, i found the old demo archive. I beat some TNT demos that i uploaded to CDROM's incoming. It was not the right and they were sent to Adam... everything started. But i must admit that Public DANG was a great help to practise.
First COMPET-N demo:
Some TNT stuff. I think the very first was EV31-034 or 035. Which was quickly beaten by Adam :)
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of):
Obviously my two complete Nightmare! movies. Many people thinks it's undonable... i don't think so. It just needs practise and a perfect knowledge of your routes. I also like the demos where i beat a Doom God like Henning, Anders, Sedlo, Adam ... so many :)
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from others:
Certainly Demonlord's 21NM run... many think it's sluggishly slow but remember that he did it in 1996 !!! ... very impressive.
Favourite DOOM or DOOM2 map:
Map01 for DM, map30 (for the infinite monsters:), I also like the design of map01 to map07, map11, map14, map22, map25 and map26.
Doom1 : whole episode 3, ep4's maps are nicely designed but sometimes too hard.

Favourite TC/megawad:
Hell Revealed, The Plutonia Experiment, Demonfear (with small nice levels) And Alien Vindicta which will come soon :-)
Do you like Quake?
It's very nice in Deathmatch. I played it a lot during my 2 years of biology. Sometimes we were 14 (number of computers in our computer room:)
What do you think of DOOM now?
It still has the best solo gameplay. You'll never see so much monsters in a level! I like to face hordes of monsters :-)
Anything you want to add here:
I thank Ralf and Arno for Public DANG where I could practise a lot! But these last months i did not do a lot of demos for them...

Well 2nd form for Vincent (D2S title = new free form, if you didn't know). Pretty hard to say anything about someone who is one of the three D2S players on the planet, but I think Vincent's biggest strength is his ability for solid longtime running (just 3 demos: 30nm, 30uvmax, 30famax). He's also an excellent NightMare player (duh), and quite an amazing speedrunner, not to mention his coop stuff with his cousin Nicolas. He's still in action, so I wonder what else can we expect from him?

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