Patrick 'Baum' von Massow

1. General information

Your name:
Patrick "Baum" von Massow
You live in (city & country):
Mainz-Gonsenheim, Germany
Your birthdate (or age):
Your occupation/job/studies:
school - currently 11th year of 13
Your hobbies:
DooM! - played Altdeath-DooM II-Map01-1on1-games for hundred of hours with Panter and Dopefish! (Because of this we got much exercise in playing DooM!), other 3D-Action-Shooters - mainly over LAN, but no bullshit like Unreal, Blood, Quake >II<, etc., listen to music (mp3z) over my Infinity SM155z (same speakers as Panter´s Dopefish´s and Cowboy´s :), sometimes watching films.
Anything you want to add here (about yourself):

2. DOOM-related information

Your DOOM config (key bindings, controllers):
Move Backward : E
Turn Left : MOUSE (what else?!)
Turn Right : MOUSE (what else?!)
Speed on : joyb_speed 31
Strafe on : S (I use it VERY very rarely!)
Strafe Left : W
Strafe Right : R
Sensitivity : 3.5 turns/mouse-pad
Y-Axis : same as X-Axis (not disabled)
These are nearly the same keybindings as Panter´s and because of the same reason: best layout because it is the nearest to weapon control. I am playing (UNDER DOS!) with a Celeron (SL2WM) 300A @ 450 Mhz :), Asus P2B, Cherry G80-3000 (LGADE) - which is nearly the same as Panter´s (he wrote the exact name of HIS keyboard (G80-3000 HAD), because he wants kidding me - his one is a little bit better and everytime I play with HIS computer, I get envious about it. Macom N95S 19" Monitor, Microsoft 2.0 Mouse (see below!), Diamond Viper V550 16 MB AGP & !TV-OUT! (just kidding Panter :), Sound-Blaster LIVE! & SB AWE32 only for DooM!, Infinity SM155, Kenwood KR-V9090 with AC3-Sourround (just kidding Panter again :) and a Infinity Reference 100-Center.
NO dynamic resolution - at this point I have to say a lot! (I hope that you will not get bored too much :)
In the beginning ... I got Panter known. At this time I was a total keyboard-Lamer (I know Panter would say: "You are a Lamer even today"). I was sure to win against him, because I beat all my friends at this time. He already understood that you have no chance with keyboard-only-control (especially in Deathmatch!), because he played a lot against his friend Christoph W. Of course I didn´t have any chance against him - first game DooM II, map01, altdeath about -5 to 100 :)). From this moment on we started playing! I visited him every weekend and we played DooM-Deathmatch nearly all the time. Another friend of me - Dopefish - REALLY started playing, too! There were 2 ways of playing we developed: The first was: playing with much feeling, very smooth, using a dynamic-resolution-mouse-driver and holding the mouse only with the fingers (which Panter preferred and trained). The second was: Trying to play pixel-perfect (wich costs a lot of power in over 6 hours-games), spinning very fast (in contrast to Panter´s smooth turns), using a direct mouse-driver and holding the mouse in the whole hand (wich Dopefish and I preferred). Panter was always playing with a light mouse, without an ergonomic shape: "Yakumo standard", which seems to be the best one for this style of playing. Dopefish and I used a heavy, ergonomic mouse: "Microsoft 2.0" (sorry: I hate Microsoft, but the MS-Mice are kewl!), which is much better for our style of playing. Panter´s style looked slower and even in his opinion his playing was technically not as good as Dopefish´s and mine (anyway Panter won every Deathmatch, because his feeling what to do in which situation was much better than ours). Because of this we trained our style and Panter was satisfied with his one. In the last Deathmatches we played I got approx 60-80% of the frags Panter got. Dopefish is a little bit better than me today, wich makes me the worst Deathmatcher from us three :(. In times of COMPET-N discovered that Panter´s style of playing isn´t as slow as we expected all the time. Playing pixel-perfect doesn´t work over a long time - it works fine for short ones like e2m2-015 and lv01-005. But for long - especially multiple-map-runs it is not very fast. I try to take every part as fast as possible. And: IF IT WORKS (this doesn´t happen very often) I am FASTER THAN PANTER in this situation - but only about 2 or 3 gametics. And if it doesn´t work I lose several seconds or die. This pixel-perfect-playing could be a little better if you train VERY very long. But normally the smooth method is faster and MUCH safer! But after playing DooM hundred of hours with Dopefish-BauM-Style it is totally impossible to me to get used with Panter-style.
It was clear, that Panter must be the best one of us today, because he plays EVERY game which he likes (AND THERE ARE A LOT!!) until he is the best of all others he can compete with. He writes record-lists for every computer-game you can beat any type of records. As he discovered COMPET-N it was nearly the same for him as his own record-lists - just records to beat. It didn´t matter that these were WORLD-RECORDS :). In addition he always wants to beat me :(. He always wants kidding me by beating me in everything. He never wants me to reach something better than he in playing computer-games. You can watch this in COMPET-N. If I do a COMPET-N entry - no matter which Cat - he always beats it. He doesn´t want me to get some points. I don´t have any chance to reach some, because he beats really every one of my records. It doesn´t matter if he doesn´t like to play the map or Cat in which I beat a record - he beats it! Because of this I only have 2 COMPET-N points (one lmp). This one he isn´t able to beat :). So it is a waste of time for me to break COMPET-N entries. I did some which weren´t bad: nm02-058, lv12-046, etc., but he always beats my times. Don´t think I am not able to do better ones! I could break them, but it doesn´t make any sense! If I would spend the time to do a nm02-053 for example, he would - surely - beat it! He wouldn´t matter if any other COMPET-N player would do a nm02-053, but if >I< do it, he would beat it - doesn´t matter how much time it would cost. Because of this I decided that I have to do things he can´t beat. I started playing Nightmare!: I completed every DooM II map from scratch (except 29, which I will do someday to become the 4th Half-D2S!). Then I decided to play nm-movies. If I do a 30nm someday (don´t laugh at me!) he could´t steal me my 10 pionts. Even if he would do faster and faster 30nms (this must sound crazy :) he can´t steal my points! Ok, I have to work a lot for this one. In my best tries I always die in map12 :((( - I hate this map. I know: If I could handle 12 I would reach 22 in a few days or weeks! There are no hard maps from 12 till 22 (17 isn´t hard!). Dopefish always dies in map17 in his best runs BTW :). He is more than 5 mins faster than Istvan in his 21nm - so if Dopefish would reach 22 he surely would have the 3rd best nm-movie.

Size of DOOM directory on your HD:
about 350 MB - could have more, but why to collect thousands of wads?
First contact to COMPET-N (when, how etc.):
Panter showed me some "Kewl DooM-Demos" (DHT- and FTP.CDROM-Stuff). I got very interested in these demos, but because Panter doesn´t want me to reach anything better than he, he didn´t tell me the urls - so I had to find them by myself. Later I found COMPET-N with a Search-Engine.
First COMPET-N demo:
I think it was lv12-051
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of):
I don´t have any COMPET-N demo which I am proud of, because I never really started to play for COMPET-N. (read above) - currently my only COMPET-N entry is e2m2-015.
The demos I am most proud of are in my Nightmare!-Collection - I completed every DooM II-map from scratch (except 29, which I will do some day) and I reach map 12 in nm-movies (I know that this isn´t very good). I even know that my collection is very slow, but I only wanted to complete every map from scratch - and therefore the times are ok: nm22-135, nm09-217, nm04-125 (which was surprisingly a COMPET-N entry - I just wanted to complete it, but of course it is already beaten by Panter :)

Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from others:
hmm... 30nm4949 ?? - of course! - I also like Panter´s nm17-collection and most other DooM II nm and speed-demos of all players (especially Anthe´s nm-demos - without them it would have never been possible to do my Nightmare!-Collection). I HATE 100/100-Shit!!
Favourite DOOM or DOOM2 map:
map01 for deathmatch, map17 for nm-singleplayer
Favourite TC/megawad:
I don´t want to spend time in getting into other wads, even if they contain much better level design then official versions of DooM. But I want to add that IMHO HR and Final DooM are very kewl.
Do you like Quake?
Yes, I sometimes play DM4 against Panter (I am not very good in playing Quake). I think Quake >I< is the only (3D-Action-) game having this "something" which makes DooM as great as it is. I don´t want kewl graphic - a game is good if you like it even it´s graphic is antique!
And there are only two (3D-Action-) games having this "something" which I can´t describe, which makes them not boring even if you played them for hundreds of hours: DooM (of course!) and Quake >I< ! Quake II is one of those lame "graphic-games" like Unreal!

What do you think of DOOM now?
DooM is the greatest game which was ever programmed (and which will be ever available)!! DOOM WILL NEVER DIE!!!
Anything you want to add here:
What about including Reality-Category? It was a good idea to include Pacifist, but if you take up Tyson, you should include Reality as well!

Whew! *THE* longest form is now Baum's! :) I corrected all the grammar mistakes Baum... hope you don't mind...
Lots of personal views from Baum in this form... I advise you to read them (they tell much more about himself than I could tell here), and make your opinions yourselves...

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