M. 'Archy' Phoenix Dailey

1. General information

Your name:
M. Phoenix Dailey
You live in (city & country):
Your birthdate (or age):
September 10, 1996
Your occupation/job/studies:
Student learning computer coding.
Your hobbies:
Poker, Blackjack card counting, study of probability, computer software, writing to my self, listening to music and of course - DOOM!
Anything you want to add here (about yourself):
If you read my text files, you'll know I sound like a pretty sad person, and I am pretty sad most of the time but writing about it makes me happy. I'm smiling right now. I'm a very lucky person, I live in the best place in the world, I know the sweetest girls on earth, I have good food and a nice house - but even with having all this, life can be painful knowing your friends don't have all that. There's a couple people I love that I never get to see nor hear from or contact. They aren't doing too well and it depresses me. I know I'll probably never see them again. My friends are very important to me, I'd literally kill and die for them, but sometimes there's nothing you can do to help them. Anyways, you've probably had enough of that, but as I said, writing makes me happy, and I'm glad I know someone will see this, regardless if they care or not. I like expressing my feelings, even if it's to a random stranger.

Now, let's move on. I am seriously interested in computer science, poker, casino gambling& security, and probability. I am currently studying computer programming and networking. I hope one day to make my living off of programming, though I'm not sure it will happen. Right now I'm doing pretty ridicules but fun stuff, such as filling up a virtual machine with viruses or trying to install eight different operating systems onto one hard drive. I also collect operating systems, once I get WIN 1.x and Server 2008, my Microsoft collection will be complete. I really love older operating systems such as DOS, and I love DOSBox. I even have a working web browsers for DOSBox called Arachne and I have Windows 98 SE running stably in Taewoong's DOSBox build.

As I stated above, poker, casino gambling & security as-well as probability greatly interest me. Poker is an amazing game and it is surprising similar to Doom COMPETitioN when you think about it. Sometimes the monsters just don't cooperate and a great player suddenly dies. The best poker player in the world could loose to a toddler if the deck doesn't cooperate with him - and that being said, there's a lot more luck in poker than Doom, but both have an element of luck in them that can destroy even the best of players. Now, randomness, has always fascinated me because I know in my heart it doesn't exist. That is because, every outcome, is just a reaction to a series or previous events. This is why it is impossible to make a computerized random number generator [RNG] that's actually random, and that is also why LMPs play back without Doom-Guy spontaneously dieing due to that rocket blowing up with a bit more damage than usual. It's easy to understand the lack of randomness in the computer world but in real life, it's harder to comprehend. I won't go into it because it's too much to expound, but if you want, send me a message on DoomWorld's forums and I'll explain.

As for casino security, I can tell you just about all the security features used on a single card. It's pretty crazy.

2. DOOM-related information

Your DOOM config (key bindings, controllers):
TL: k
TR: ;
FW: O & Right Click
Strafe on: L & Left Click

That's my normal config but sometimes I set TR and Strafe On to E, making E an immediate SR50 key. I use DMS015 for maps like The Chasm but I generally prefer vertical movement left on - it helps for glides and wallrunning.

Size of DOOM directory on your HD:
295 MB, but if you want me to be really specific, 309,934,458 bytes as of now.
First contact to COMPET-N (when, how etc.):
A YouTube used named rashreflection uploaded a whole bunch of C-N UV-MAX runs and I was amazed by such fast runes being completed in a single segment. I had see amazing Doom runs on the XBOX 360, but they used weapons & health from previous levels as well as used save slots. I realized these C-N players had incredible skill and was greatly inspired by it.
First COMPET-N demo:
PL11-246 in 2009, I used so much SR50 that people [falsely] accused me of using SR50 mouse drivers. I was just 13 years old then. If there's a younger C-N player, it's gotta be Robert J. Reevy. Haven't done the math to actually figure it out.
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of):
For a long time I was real proud of HF06-505 but the C-N record for that is now 35(!!) seconds faster. I think E3M3-212 is the one I'm most proud of now, it's awfully fun saying you beat Radek Pecka by six seconds on a 1993 IWAD, those Ultimate DOOM entries are tough, even for -respawn.
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from others:
Anders Johnsen's U4M2-123 and his AV05-227 have always been a favorite of mine, but there's just so many other great demos. Artem V. S. (SAV88) produces some of the best demos I've ever seen and is probably the best modern player. Ancalagon and j4rio also produce outstanding and unbelievable (I once actually truly didn't believe it [falsely thought it was TAS]) demos but neither of them qualify for COMPET-N, as they use source ports. I love watching Tyson demos of E2Mx levels..
Favourite DOOM or DOOM2 map:
My all time favorite map is obviously PL11 - I really love Arch-Viles, hence my name. Others I love are E2M2, E2M3, E2M6 (E2's such a good episode for Tyson), E3M7, U4M1 U4M2, U4M6 U4M7, U4M8, LV02, LV04, LV07, LV16, LV28, EV10, PL31, HR06, AV05, M205, and RQ25 - yes I know these aren't all DOOM & DOOM 2 but I wanted to get ALL my favorites out there.
Favourite TC/megawad:
Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta. HR has great maps with great ROTT music that for some reason always somehow makes me get really emotional and want to cry (only map 06 and 10 do this to me.) AV's just a masterpiece in everything, music, architecture, Anders Johnsen was a genius. AV is true art.
Do you like Quake?
Watching speed runs is fun but I don't really enjoy playing it too much, DM's alright but I'd much rather create a bloody mess in One Unit Whole Blood.
What do you think of DOOM now?
Xit Vono said it best, "DOOM is the best single player FPS around."
Anything you want to add here:
Since this is the "DOOM portion" of this profile I'll talk about DOOM. I was first introduced to DOOM by the XBOX 360 live arcade in 2007 (or was it 2008?). I can't remember why I downloaded it but I quickly fell in love with it and became really good at it. When I first beat E1, I though I beat the game and a couple months later, I found The Shores of Hell but I didn't think it was E2, I though it was Doom 2, lol. I remember when I started E3, how complicated the game felt. So non-linear in comparison to modern FPS games, which at the time was the only thing I played.

During my Doom experience on XBOX, in a random deathmach on Fortress of Mystery, I met briangate1, he was the person that got me into speed running. When I first Deathmatched him, I was amazed at his skill. He was the first person that could beat me at Deathmatch (keep in mind XBOX live is full of retards). Playing co-op with him is what gave me much of my "COMPET-N skills" (as we couldn't save or load in multiplayer) and I got about 4 years worth of practice in just one year.

briangate1 made me so good that people started to think I was cheating (they had never heard about SR50 and wall grabs let alone understood it) and to convince people I was legit, I said I'd been playing since 2002. That's a lie but it became such a habit of saying it that I'll sometimes still say it even today. Anyways, I considered briangate1 the best Doomer ever. That was way before I heard the likes of Radek Pecka, Jim Leonard, Drew DeVore, Marijo Sedlic, Vincent CatalaĆ”, Anders Johnsen, Henning Skogsto, Adam Williamson & Hegyi, Chris Ratcliff and so on as I could go on and on and on about all the great COMPET-N players. It was Tatsuya Ito's YouTube channel that inspired me to do COMPET-N demos, specifically his UV-MAX video of PL11, titled, " Final Doom Plutonia MAP 11 "Hunted" ."

Doom is such an important part of my life, hard to imagine how much harder life would be had I not found it. Almost 3000 hours spent on it and not a second of regret. Doom in now the only game I play (Well, I occasionally play Blood online). Doom has brought me quite allot of fulfillment, I can't even describe it in words what this game has done for my life. However, I don't think it's so much Doom that I like but the competition that comes with COMPET-N. It feels really good braking records and it teaches us how when we want to achieve something, we need to really push our selves. To brake some of these entries takes a lot of devotion and determination. A normal person might look at us and say we're wasting our time spending hours just to brake a silly record but it makes me really happy and does a lot for me. It's a huge part of my life and I'm glad it's a huge part of my life. When I get depressed I love watching demos by other great players and I love discussing demos with other people, learning about all the crazy and precise tactics used to improve time on a level and such. It adds so much to my life - and by the way I'm talking it may sound I have no life but If you knew me, you'd know that I have quite a life. Doom just has so many amazing things, intense deathmach, outstanding level design, and a built in recorder (made in 1993!) that can record 2000 hours in way under 2GB due to it's genius system of tracking movement and actions as apposed to video. Doom is just a perfect game, a game that let's me escape the world I'm in when I don't want to live in it. Doom is my drug, and it has no side effects.

Archy is one of those persuasive players and that's what we need on COMPET-N. Doom and Plutonia are his favorite pwads, so I hope to see more Max demos in future!

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