Adam 'Adamw' Williamson

1. General information

Your name:
Adam Williamson
You live in (city & country):
In term time, Cambridge, UK. In holidays, Manchester, UK.
Your birthdate (or age):
Your occupation/job/studies:
I'm a student (studying history). In the holidays I work in a supermarket.
Your hobbies:
Eh, nothing much really. I collect books, mostly science fiction. I also have a bunch of comics and nearly 400 CDs.

2. DOOM-related information

Your DOOM config (key bindings, controllers):
At the moment, I use a Microsoft Intellimouse optical (the original, 1500Hz version) on a generic blue fabric mousemat. I'm probably going to spring for a Steelpad sometime soon though, they look sweet. Config is WASD/space and control for strafe50, standard stuff really. I don't use novert - I like being able to fine-tune forward/backward movement with the mouse. More generally, I have two PCs now, a desktop and a laptop. Desktop is a home-built Duron system, Duron 1GHz running at 1.19GHz on a Gigabyte GA-7IXEH motherboard, Asus Geforce 1 SDR graphics card, three hard drives (yes, really - a 17 gig, a 20 gig and a spare 12 gig notebook drive), DVD drive, SB16 PCI sound and 15" monitor. It dual-boots Mandrake Linux 8.2 and Windows 98SE. The laptop is a Sony Vaio Picturebook C1XD, P2-400. It dual-boots SuSE Linux 7.3 and Windows 98 SE.
Size of DOOM directory on your HD:
Um, don't know exactly...quite a lot :). Probably near a gig by now, for Doom1 and Doom2 together.
First contact to COMPET-N (when, how etc.):
Actually I was just about around the old Doom newsgroups (*) when COMPET-N was founded, by Simon Widlake, AKA S. ;-). Ah, those were the days :). I didn't follow it too closely because I was more focused on level design then. Then quite a few years ago now I got into a contest with Rudy Jurjako for best UV max time on a level made by Prower (I lost...*sigh*), and someone suggested I should have a go at COMPET-N as well :)
First COMPET-N demo:
T1M8-332. Quickly beaten down by Adam H :)
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of):
Uh, I dunno, tough one :). EP1-0511 is a favourite, also E1M5-055 and P1M7-151.
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from others:
Oh, damn, so many! Uh...just about anything at all by Sedlo, Adam Hegyi, Henning Skogsto...loads of others. Stuff that stands out right now...LV14-020, LV24-037, LV07-046, PL11-051, all of Xit Vono's long tyson runs, all of Henning's 30NM and 30NS runs, 30NM4949...uh...E1NM0659, and, ooh, oodles of others.
Favourite DOOM or DOOM2 map:
Doom episode 1 kicks all other maps' asses of course :)
Favourite TC/megawad:
Top five - Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Requiem, Memento Mori 2, Strain.
Do you like Quake?
I always sucked at Quake 1 :). Quake 1 isn't really as good a game as Doom I don't think, Quake 2 was kinda disappointing. Quake 3 i've been playing more lately, especially Rocket least I don't have to boot to Windows to play it :). It's fun, not as good as Doom though. I absolutely love watching the best Quake 1 speedrunners...those guys are awesome. QDQWAV is a must-see, and watch out for the new skill 0 run when that finally gets released...
What do you think of DOOM now?
Just one of the best games ever, I guess. Though I can never pick between Doom and TIE Fighter...hehe :)
Anything you want to add here:

It's kind of hard to say anything about someone who's become a COMPET-N veteran by now and was around in the scene way ahead of me anyway :) I think the man needs no introduction and he's done too many great runs for all of them to be listed here. He is also one of the most hard-working players I've ever known and I'm always amazed how much time he admittedly spends on particular runs ;)

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