Chris 'Dashiva' Laverdure

1. General information

Your name:
Chris Laverdure
You live in (city & country):
Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
Your birthdate (or age):
Your occupation/job/studies:
Your hobbies:
Playing Doom and biking.
Anything you want to add here (about yourself):

2. DOOM-related information

Your DOOM config (key bindings, controllers):
J = Move Forward
M = Move Backward
H = Strafe Right
F = Strafe Left
, = Turn Left
R = Turn Right
SPACE = Use key
LMouse Button = Fire
RMouse Button = Strafe On

I know it seems weird, but it works out really well for me, so blah. :P
Size of DOOM directory on your HD:
Ultimate Doom: 81MB -=- Doom 2: 375MB -=- TNT: 26MB -=- Plutonia: 25MB
First contact to COMPET-N (when, how etc.):
I had always known about the site, but wasn't that interested in it because it was kinda complicated for me to navigate and I could never find any of the demos (before the database), but later Waldon was like, yelling at me to upload something, and he showed me how the whole thing worked. :)
First COMPET-N demo:
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of):
pp09-150 ... Not that it's really that good, but I spent a LOT of time working on it, and for most of that time it appeared to be hopeless, but somehow, somehow I knew I'd be able to do it, and I did. Proud moment, yah. :)
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from others:
Anything from Sedlo, Drew DeVore, and Ian Sabourin. Oh yah, and you can't forget Bjorn Hamels' 30nm coop, best C-N demo EVER, would be even better if his partner Henning wasn't slacking off so much. hahaha, j/k. :)
Favourite DOOM or DOOM2 map:
e1m7 and e4m6
Favourite TC/megawad:
Alien Vendetta, no doubt about that, it's brilliant.
Do you like Quake?
Meh, it's okay, just too slow.
What do you think of DOOM now?
Doom kicks ass, that's the bottom line.
Anything you want to add here:
Yah, advice to any new speed runners out there, DON'T EVER... EVER... EVER TELL ADAM WILLIAMSON ABOUT ONE OF YOUR DEMOS. NEVER! If you do, you can be sure he'll have something in incoming within the hour that is so much faster than your demo that it'll make you look REALLY bad. It's what he does. :)

Chris is another new player to COMPET-N, he's done mostly speedrunning style runs so far. His Pacifist runs of Plutonia and NM100S runs of TNT are the most noteworthy, though I hope he shows other capabilities as well. As always, time will tell :)

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